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Homework for today

Homework for today

Dear students,

Task 1 : You have been appreciating the surroundings in many ways so far, but it is time to show a caring attitude towards our planet, towards each living being, towards the resources which makes our life easier. Let us watch the following videos –
A simple yet powerful task is, to design a poster post watching these videos. You need to critically think for a problem you witness around you locally or globally, think of a creative solution ( it can be as simple as one shown in the talent awareness video as it has to be a doable task).
You would want to add the following points in your poster –
– A situation around which disturbs you.
– A possible solution to that problem.
– A movement to engage more people in this problem-solving.
– A slogan or a quote to spark that awareness in the viewer’s mind.
You have come a long way so far and it is for sure that you are furthermore critical thinkers, problem solvers and the communicators with “I CAN, I WILL…” attitude.
Let us make this planet a more safe and friendly place for one and all.
The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.” – Nathaniel Nranden
Task 2: You have to make 6 different Graphic Organisers of your choice in your PYP journal and fill the same while exploring the centers which is tomorrow.



Students of grade 6 were introduced to a new unit titled “Migration” under the TDT, Where we are in place and time. The unit was designed to help students understand, explore and inquire about:
• The reasons why people migrate.
• Migration throughout history.
• Effects of migration on communities, cultures and individuals.

The students were tuned in to the unit on migration with the help of the book “I am Australian too” by Mem Fox. Along with the usual means of books, internet and articles on migration, immigration, refugees; the learners also had the opportunity to interact with various guest speakers who shared their personal migration experiences thereby providing valuable insights into the concept of migration.

Further, the students chose topics for their research work and the successive application of their knowledge using the fundamentals of the Big 6 research tool allowed them to discover and differentiate the various reasons that led to migration and how the human migration has changed over a period of time.

To demonstrate their content knowledge and conceptual understanding of this unit, the students created a biography of a migrant from their chosen community wherein they successfully showcased the integration of their language and literacy skills. Inquisitiveness of learners was pretty evident and it was a pure joy to watch them apply their interviewing skills while interviewing people from different communities. The young researchers also had a human library session to enhance their understanding of their chosen community. The students also demonstrated mutual cooperation and teamwork while concocting their final work along with evaluating themselves.

The clock is ticking and the students are now demonstrating their understanding of the unit through their Summative Assessment. Countdown now begins…  52  days to go for the PYP Exhibition. 
Looking forward to continuous support from your end.
HUMAN LIBRARY dated 18th February 2019

HUMAN LIBRARY dated 18th February 2019

Dear Students,

As you are already aware that we are in the final stage of our research for the chosen topic, an  event “The Human Library” has been scheduled on Monday, 18th January 2019, we expect you all to cooperate.

Find below the common instructions to be followed for this event.  -:

  1. You will be guided by your HRM teachers for the venues.
  2. You are going to meet just one guest and converse with them for the entire session. You will have 25 mins session with the guest selected as per your first preference.
  3. We have divided the students into further groups.

The Human Library list

Community Human Library Teacher In Charge
Parsi Persi  Elavia Shehla D
Marwadi Shikha Dhupia Richa S
Marwadi Puja Aggarwal
Punjabi Poonam Suthar Ishita J
Punjabi Harleen Kaur Himani M
Sindhi Vandana Sharma Shreya C
Sindhi Bhumika Manglani Vanita C
Kathiyawadi Bharat Suhagiya Tina B
Kathiyawadi Harsh Vaghela Tina B
Marathi Priti Pimpalkhare Nisreen


  1. Kindly take  your UOI notebooks for taking notes.
  2. The event is called HUMAN LIBRARY, for a reason. Do not forget the essence of ‘LIBRARY’, to stay as calm and quiet as you can. We understand you have doubts and questions but still we expect your full cooperation for the same.


Grade 6 Team

Homework for the weekend

Homework for the weekend

Dear students,

  • If you have not given peer feedback in the biography written by your, you need to do so, without fail.
  • You need to do the primary as well as secondary research for your chosen community.
    You need to complete Task 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Big Six Research Tool by Sunday EOD.
    Repository link for the SA communities has already been shared with you.
  • A gentle reminder for the Book Review Mega Presentation beginning from Monday – 18/02/19.
  • A separate blog post will be done for the human library, kindly go through the same.
    Keep researching, be inquirers and communicate effectively!!
Homework for the weekend

Homework for the weekend


Do the following tasks:
Task 1

  • You need to change the beginning of this story. You have to write a brilliant paragraph using any 1- 2 opening (your choice from EE reference book)). Once done, rewrite the story in your Lang + UOI homework notebook.
  • Mixed bag homework posted by Khadeeja ma’am.


  • Practice Khan Academy and read theory



Complete the timeline homework for migration as discussed in the class today  using the tool

Reference links:
Link to the video: