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Grade 5 Alliance

Grade 5 Alliance

Language: Yesterday I shared a folder with you in which you created a folder of your name. Kindly create a Google Doc in that folder and rename it as “Summary”. Write summary of chapter 19 in that Doc.

Mixed Bag: Open the following link and solve it in your Mixed Bag Notebook.

UOI: Pull up your socks and come prepared for the SA on Monday.

Grade 5 Alliance

Grade 5 Alliance


Solve the sums from the Google Doc shared with you in your Math Notebook:


Describe a character of your choice and include evidences too that would support the character. Keep the following criteria in mind:

  1. Choose a strong character
  3. Dislikes
  4. Physical features
  5. Values
  6. Fears and aspirations

The characters can be : Stuart little, Matilda, Cinderella, Jerry or Tom etc. However, you can choose a character of your choice as well.

I have shared a folder with you. Create a folder in it with “Your Name” and a Doc in it for writing a character description. Rename the Doc as “Character Description”.


Continue with the research and presentation for SA.

Grade 5 Alliance

Grade 5 Alliance


ICT: Draw a portrait of an adult and write alongside of that portrait- when would you ask for help if you needed online. A decorated self-made frame could then be created for this picture. You can be as creative as you want.

UOI: Start researching on the selected topic for SA. Also, start working on the scrap book provided. Rubric of the SA has been shared through Google Drive.