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Departing note for Gr4 Parents 2017-18 24th April . “International Mindedness”

Departing note for Gr4 Parents 2017-18 24th April . “International Mindedness”

Dear parents, 

Accept my heartfelt gratitude on behalf of my entire team ( Home room, P.E. Arts, ILT ) for all the support you have lent to us a part of IB  and F.S community to make this academic session rewarding. 

This summer break brings forth an opportunity to develop the international mindedness in students… ( not  promoting  summer camps ,program ,neither you need to take an international trip for it ) 

Sharing with you a post by an IB PYP teacher @ Serpil Kavak

Importantly the post  is relevant and authentic in our context and appropriate to the time.

As an IB parent community these are surely  doable actions you could take.

If  you accomplish, do post as comment on this blog.. OR the social media you are active on. putting the title  as IB PYP  Learner profile;  ”   ”  while sharing.  ( as we do on See saw, F.B and twitter) 


                                         LEARNER PROFILES


– You can make a visit to a library to borrow books that are about their interests and hobbies.

– You can make researches on the net about a subject that you together decide on to develop your chıld’s internet intellection .

– As being a good role model to your child, when there is a subject that you also don’t have an idea about, admit your lack of knowledge and offer to search the solutions together.


– You can encourage your child to think the different  solutions about any problems .

– You can make your child think on  different and real life issues

– While you are studying on an issue ,it would be beneficial to ask such kinds of questions to your child:

1- Do you have an idea about how to start?

2- How can we do that in a different way?

3- I have never thought in that way before. can you explain it more?

4- What other ways can be to solve that problem?


-It can be useful to encourage your child to read books that are about the school  subjects .

– You can make your child get the lowdown about a local or global subject that is interesting and  appropriate to his/her age

– You can ask about what they have learned in the school and make such conversations :

1- Why do you think this is important to know?

2- Do you think there are such kinds of things in the World?

Could it happen in the past?


– You can motivate your child to get in touch with other people in the World or some relatives or friends via writing letters,e- mails or telephones.

– You can encourage your child to communicate with different people around when you go out together.

– It plays an important place  in communication to be a good listener.While your child is telling you something, you can listen to him/her  very carefully and ask to do the same behaviour.


– You can eat different kinds of traditional ,cultural foods and play different games.

– You can present different global festivals,celebrations and traditions without criticism.

– You can tell with real examples from the environment that there can be different solution  ways to a problem so it is required to be an open-minded person.


– You can encourage your child to dare a distressing activity that you have decided before, then you can talk on the effects of the activity, how it makes feel to try a new thing or whether s/he loves it.

– You can set a friend that s/he doesn’t have time to play for a long time and make them play together.

– You can constitute unusual conditions (different breakfast menü, not watchıng tv for a week…) and ask him/her adopt this new situation.


– You can be a role model by displaying a caring behaviour. You can show that you care about other people all the time by using kind words,helping people for love…

– You can make real an activity for the environment and all creatures such as trough for the street animals,animal shelters, planting,environmental cleaning…

– You can make your child understand and empatise with disadvantageous groups and problems around by making researching a civil society together.After that, You can encourage him or her to donate this charıty organization by collecting own allowances.


– It would provide an opening  to encourage your child to write a diary after a while considering the past and turning to account.

– You can determine the strengths and weaknesses by evaluating the results of the school examinations. You can together  decide on the things s/he can do on his/her own.

– You can videotape any activities during  the learning process and then make your child evaluate the ups and downs on his/her own.


– You can discuss the food groups (carbohydrate,protein,vitamin etc.),bounce ideas off each other about the balance of the foods,meals in the meal time.

– It would be useful to see how you balance your daily different activities such as reading books , working, resting, watching tv,doing sports…

-You can encourage your child to different sorts of structured activities.


– You can make your child decide on his/her own life and make  a conversation about the results of these decisions.

– You can encourage your child to play in team games. You can discuss the qualities of a good player  and talk about what kinds of a team player s/he wants to play with.

-You can talk about the importance of  thanking and handshaking with the rivals as a well-mannered player in case of winning or losing a  game.


Surely you could use IPL as tool to talk to  them  about the above learner profile attribute.

Thank you.

Grade 4 Team 2017-18

Grade 4 TL 2017-18






9th April’ 2018. Grade 4 .”Orientation session for Chrome Book “

9th April’ 2018. Grade 4 .”Orientation session for Chrome Book “

Dear Parent,

Information Technology (IT) has become an integral part of our lives in a short while. Today most adults and students have access to multiple internet enabled devices at home or at their work places. Technology has also become an essential part of education here at Fountainhead School.

To be able to live, learn, and work successfully in our information-rich society, students must be able to utilize technology effectively. Many students’ lives today are filled with technology that gives them ubiquitous access to information and resources, enabling them to pursue their interests in their own way and at their own pace. The opportunities are limitless, border-less, and instantaneous. The ability to use the information & resources meaningfully and effectively is the one skill that will be valued in their careers in the 21st century. Further, technology enables the school to potentially differentiate content to meet individual needs of the students.

We have started with a 1:1 computing device program Grade 5 onward from the last 3 academic years. Every student of Grade 5 and above is expected to purchase a Google Chromebook.

It is only natural that there are many doubts in your mind regarding the above, such as:

-Why Chromebooks?
-Will there be any usage agreements at home & school so that the devices are used effectively and not for the wrong reasons?
-What are the potential safety concerns?  and how we intend to address this?

These and many more questions would surely come to your mind. Hence in order to answer these and many more such questions kindly ensure that you attend this session. Don’t miss this interaction to address your queries and rest your concerns.

In order to understand and support the school’s initiative to have a Google Chromebook per child and the ways in which you can ensure the effective utilization of this resource, we request you to join us for an informative session on  Chrome-book in Grade-5  conducted by APYPC  Ms. Ritu. Chopra only for grade-4 parents on the below given day :

Date/Day: 9th April 2018/ Monday

Time: 9.00-10.30 am

Venue: Hippodrome

Hoping to see you all!

P.S:- Kindly share this message on the social media you are active on to ensure full attendance.

7th Dec. Grade 4 Important Note. PTM 2.

7th Dec. Grade 4 Important Note. PTM 2.

प्रिय अभिभावक,

 PTM के दिन ( 8th December’2017, Friday   8:00 am – 9.30 am )  हमनें आपके ICT ज्ञान को बढ़ाने के लिए Blog, DD और Seesaw की जानकारी देने के हेतु PTM के बाद 30 मिनट का एक session रखा हैं | 
अभिभावकों को निवेदन हैं की इस session का लाभ लेना हो तो PTM के बाद अवश्य रुकें | 
Monday we are following D2. 
Academic Honesty:- Thank you Kunjan ma’am for creating Hindi note for us.
Gr4 13th Nov 2017. Celebrate Children’s day tomorrow with a cause.

Gr4 13th Nov 2017. Celebrate Children’s day tomorrow with a cause.

Dear parents,

In accordance with Children’s  Day tomorrow 14th Nov.

A request has come across from a Harsh Vagehla sir ( Gujurati teaceher) who is founder member of Feed India  Surat chapter. for donation of winter clothes, regular clothes, lunch box, water bag, toys etc. in good condition.
We as grade 4 team  along with the students have decided to accept
this  request.
But this would not be possible without your support. Though optional an urge from Gr 4 team to send across items of your choice and convenience, tomorrow. Remember to keepi your child along with you in this process.
This action is falling in sync with the current unit and makes the action relevant and significant.
Pass the message on social media you are active on.
Gr4 6th Nov,2017 “Parent Chaperone” support.

Gr4 6th Nov,2017 “Parent Chaperone” support.

Dear Parents,

To support our ongoing Unit on “Risks and challenges’, we would like our students to acquire good communication and research skills. To accomplish the same we want them to visit and interview any Individual or Organisation that is working for Child Welfare i.e against Child labor, against Illiteracy,or supporting those with special needs.
It would be of great help for all of us if, with your help, we could put up a list of such people or organisations working in different areas/communities/localities of Surat so that the students have access to different case studies. If you know or could find out a few names please fill the google form below with their names and contact numbers. Just make sure that these individuals or organisations are approachable and should entertain inquiries from our students.
Also as a stakeholder in the school community we would appreciate your participation for their visit to NGO. We want  parent participants who volunteers to accompany minimum 6-7 students to the allotted NGO.
As it will be a weekend task in the next cycle, it will be highly appreciated if you revert by Wednesday,8th November, enabling us to plan better!
Attached below is the link for the google form to be filled by you.
A humble request to pass the message on social media ( wats up)  you are active on and support deep inquiry by Students and make an authentic learning experience.
Gr4 13/10/2017 ‘ Important not Urgent ‘ Note for Gr4 Parent community.

Gr4 13/10/2017 ‘ Important not Urgent ‘ Note for Gr4 Parent community.

Dear Parents,

Delighted to announce that tomorrow; 14th Oct Saturday D1 students will be celebrating the last school day before the Diwali break.

They shall follow D1 time table. 

For the pot luck party, they are expected to bring only traditional and cultural food/ drinks.

We also want all students  to carry along with them board, card, indoor games to school tomorrow and have fun 

Kindly note:- Diwali home work is sent home today.

You are expected to sign and acknowledge their work before you send the complete Diwali home work on the 6th Nov, the day school reopens.

On behalf of grade4 team we wish that, may this Diwali festival and the holidays bring you opportunity to create memorable moments with your child.

But here comes the twist….. 

You are Fountainhead parents and you thought you will be spared from doing your Diwali home work…  we  you are fortunate too…

Here is what you have to do… use your creativity and…..

  1. You shall find ample opportunities to make connection with the past units, ‘Energy’, ‘Exploration’ and current unit ‘Risks, challenges and opportunities children encounter world wide’, a request to consciously do so.
  2. Ask our students to drop in a mail to their teachers and wish … which will help them to enhance their language skills.
  3. When you are planning to visit a restaurant or taking a trip, ask the students to calculate the total amount to be paid, the distance traveled, ticket fare for all the members, that’s where they do real life application of the numeracy skills. 
  4. Important, read to them any thing current or interesting.
  5. When you are performing any rituals or pooja make sure that your child is around, if possible do share  why you are doing it. 
  6. That’s not all… play with them, badminton, ludo, water ball in swimming pool etc (P.E)  suppoet then when they make rangoli, make Diwali greeting cards (Visual Arts) dance on songs, play antakshari while driving, traveling ( music) watch good ( children) movies, plays etc ( drama).


Happy Diwali and Happy Holidays.

Continue ‘Monday’ as a NO SCREEN day.

P.S. :- Forward the message on the social media you are active on.

Thank You.
Suparna Khadepaw
Level Coordinator, Grade-4 | Fountainhead School
Opp. Ambetha Water Tank | Rander-Dandi Road
Kunkni | Surat India 395 005
(T) +91 261 302 9000
Significant note for Grade 4 Parents – 4th August’ 2017.

Significant note for Grade 4 Parents – 4th August’ 2017.

Point 1)

Dear Parent,

“We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time and it is the lens through which we experience most of the world.” – David Warlick


As always at Fountainhead school we try out new and interesting things into our teaching and learning practices.


This year we are again going to explore the use of ‘SeeSaw’ too which as a parent you have used and well versed withl. This tool was recommended by an IB educator (workshop leader) during the In School Workshop held in our school in November 2015.


SeeSaw is a digital portfolio tool that gives the teachers, parents as well as the students insight into student’s learning. The teacher, student and parents can access a comprehensive portfolio of students work. This tool captures students learning in any form like pictures, videos, drawing, text, voice recording, student reflection, etc. This tool helps capture the learning process and  not just the end result which means that the parents need not wait till the SLC to view the portfolio or to know about their child’s learning.


You as parents will have your own access and can see or hear what your child is doing at school through this digital portfolio. You can also add a comment on your child’s work pieces. We request you to please either like or comment or flag the post to encourage your child. SeeSaw reaches you on your phone which makes it extremely easy and handy for all of you to log onto.


You need to download the SeeSaw app on your phone/iPad/tablet. A handout with the QR code and instructions is sent to you with your child. Please follow the instructions to help you login to the account. We request you to please keep the QR code handout safe with you. Incase you sign out you will require the QR code to sign in again. The QR code is unique for each child. QR code reader is built in the SeeSaw app itself.


A presentation is attached which will help you sign up, create an account and run you through the usage of it.

We are positive that this will keep us updated with the students learning and you as parents can be involved in their learning journey at a click of a button.

Point 2) A request.

Do send across 8 passport size photos of your child with his name written on each, in an envelope on Tuesday.
This request is in context to the appreciation bulletin which we want to create for the students who have achieved the goal to read 2 books every month  and be an active member of the Book club.
Kindly circulate the note on the social media you are active on.
New Learning:- Strong verbs.
For eg, My friend talked to her brother.
Change the verb and use strong verbs to make the sentence brilliant.
spoke, whispered, screamed at, revealed to, answered, informed, suggested, advised .
9th June, 2017.Grade 4.

9th June, 2017.Grade 4.

Dear parents,

The  set of notebooks for gr. 4 shall be sent across home for tagging, by Tuesday 13th June.

Kindly use a permanent marker pen to write your child’ s name and return the set the very next day.

Your cooperation in this matter shall be much appreciated.



You will find a language tip to sophisticate your language on my blog, you are recommended to incorporate in your functional language..

Learning :- synonym for word ‘awesome’

Brilliant, impressive, outstanding, extraordinary, stupendous…

Next time when you want to complement some one or something. Use appropriate synonym of awesome.  Especially in front of your children/child.

E. G. The story book was awesome ..

Rather use appropriate word.

The story book was interesting.

Strategy  works like a double headed arrow.


” Parichay” to Gr4 Single Subject team. 8th June, 2017.

” Parichay” to Gr4 Single Subject team. 8th June, 2017.

Dear parents,

Taking an opportunity to introduce you to the Gr4  single subject teachers for the  current academic session- 2017-18.


Shalini Nandkumar: She has been in the teaching profession since 2008 and is working with Fountainhead School since 2012. She is PYP Arts Team Leader. She has done her “Diploma in Commercial Arts” from Government Polytechnic for Girls. She has attended IB workshops of CAT 1, 2 and 3. She has facilitated SAIBSA job alike session in Feb 2017.

Premsagar Umrao: Premsagar has been working with Fountainhead School since 2011 as a music teacher. He has done B.A. from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University. He is a certified music composer and director from Mumbai University. He is the Music teacher for grade 3 , 4 and Nursery and will teach Vocals to grade 3 and 4 in Art and Design special.


Virendra Kanadhia: Kanadhia Virendra (Art teacher) born and raised in Surat plunged into teaching in 2015, right after completing master degree in visual art from MSU Vadodara in 2011 and his diploma programme at B. A. Mehta Kalamaha Vidhyalaya, Amalsad(2004-2009). He has done Art Management Programme, from Anglia Ruskin University, Singapore during 2014-15. He is the Visual Art teacher for grade 3 and 4 and will teach Grade 7, 8, 9 and 10 visual arts in Art and Design special.

Tejas Gamit: Tejas holds a  B.A. in Gujarati literature, Post graduation in human resource management and Masters in Theater Arts. He is the Drama teacher  for grade 3 and 4 and will teach drama to Grade 3, 4 , 5 and 6 Art and Design Special.

Indian Language Team.

Kruti Dholu (PYP Team Leader) is a commerce graduate with a bachelors degree in education. She is working with Fountainhead School since 2011. She is a fun loving person, full of creative ideas. She likes to take up new challenges in life. She enjoys life to the fullest.

Kunjan Gandhi – Hindi teacher  For :- Grade 4 – Courage, Fortitude, Resilience, Mettle

She has done M.A in Hindi from SNDT University Mumbai and B. Ed.(Hindi) from Singhania University. She is working with Fountainhead School since 2012. She likes reading, writing, painting and listening to music. Her goal is to inculcate International mindedness in her learners.  

Vaishali Patel Gujarati teacher

Grade 2 to 6

She has done  her M.A and B. Ed. from VNSGU. She has been teaching Gujarati in various grades across the school. She is a good reader and loves to travel. She has been working with Fountainhead School since 2011. Her ideology is to be a lifelong learner.


Unnati Bhagat Gujarati teacher

Grade 2 to 6

She has done M.A. (English) from Gujarat University, B.Ed. (English, Sanskrit) from VNSGU with a distinction, T.T.N.C. (Teachers Training in Needle Craft) with a distinction, and SCOPE. She has been working with Fountainhead since 2012. She has been teaching Gujarati in various grades across the school. She has a good command over Gujarati and Hindi language. She likes to read and listen to Gujarati ghazals, cook, and travel. She also writes poems in Gujarati and Hindi.

Sneha Gadre – Hindi Teacher for Grade 4 – Valour, Tenacity, Responsibility, Freedom

She is in the teaching profession since 2010. She has done her Master of Arts and Bachelors in Education in Hindi from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. She has been working with Fountainhead School since May 2011. Teaching is her passion and she shares good bonding with her students. Her life mantra is ‘Nothing is impossible’. Her hobbies are travelling, listening to music and cooking.

P. E. Team.

Priyanka Chahwala (PYP Team Leader) has been working with Fountainhead School since 2010. She has completed her Food Technology from Government Polytechnic, Goa. She enjoys dancing and reading nonfiction books. She is passionate about teaching.

Oomer is a PYP PE Educator and certified coach in rock climbing. He is also certified in Basic coaching in sports climbing. He is a National level football player, district level kho-kho player and district level athletics player.
He will be coaching the following Classes for PYP PE :
Grade 4 Courage
For PS he will lead the following Grades:
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8

Mahmood Surti (PYP PE Educator & TT Coach) has completed a certificate course in Table Tennis from NIS Kolkata.
He will be coaching the following Classes for PYP PE :
Grade 4
For PS he will lead the following Grades:
From Grade 4 – Grade 8


Harish is a Gymnastics Coach and PYP PE educator. He has completed from S.P.B college. He has also done his B.P.Ed and completed his masters in physical education from Swarnim Gujarat Sports University. He has secured Bronze medal in all India school game national competition and has played state level tumbling event in gymnastics, long jump, Hand ball, High jump. He has also participated in the all India aerobics gymnastics competition.
He will be coaching the following Classes for PYP PE :

Grade 4 :- Freedom  Valour

For PS he will lead the following Grades:
From Grade 1 – Grade 7

Krushi Desai is a PYP PE educator and Basketball coach. He has been working with Fountainhead Schools since 7 years.He has represented Gujarat at the state tournament in basket ball and has also attended the national basketball camp. He is fond of playing frisbee and has played the national frisbee tournament. He has also given trials for national frisbee team. He is a Marathon runner as well.
He will be coaching the following Classes for PYP PE :

Grade 4
For PS, he will lead the following Grades:
From Grade 3 – Grade 12


Raj Gurav is a Football coach and a PYP PE educator. He has completed from Bhavans college (Mumbai university). He has played sub jr. nationals for Maharashtra, under-19 i-league for Kenkre. He has also been associated with the football club for Air-india and Mumbai fc.
He will be coaching the following Classes for PYP PE :

Grade 4

For PS he will lead the following Grades:
From Grade 1 – Grade 3




Gr4, 7th,June. 2017-18. “Suswagatam”, Parents.

Gr4, 7th,June. 2017-18. “Suswagatam”, Parents.

Dear Students and parents,

Wondering !!

Why is the Grade 4 in  block 6, on the second floor beaming?

Hey! Look the sections all look so welcoming!


The doors are standing ajar,

Thinking, the active footsteps couldn’t be far.


The tables and chairs, are at their best


“Enough is enough!

Please don’t ask us to rest”.


Alas! The soft boards feel ashamed and bare

Watch! White board is been giving, a blank stare,

sometimes,screeching and screaming

To seek attention, and regain the care.  


LCD screen longing to come back to life,

Tired hiding behind as if having a strife.


Racks in row, are sad and empty

Stationery boxes all  eagerly wait to serve in plenty.


Class library books waiting to be picked and read

Excuse us! We are neither haunted nor dead.


Passionate eyes, words so wise.

Spirits so high, give wings to fly.


She is surely the teacher, you may think.

“Then why is she complaining?”, there is no link,


She moans, desperately waiting for the day,

When the sadness and gloominess will drift to bay.


Finally, here it is, and  here they are!


Life, energy, fun and Of course

The Students of Grade 4.



Composed by Ms.Suparna.Khadepaw

Team leader Gr4.



Vision we want to achieve for the  academic session 2017-18-

Model respect, resourcefulness, responsibility to create a conducive environment for leaders to grow.



Proud to introduce my team who will assure that we align our written, taught and assessed curriculum is aligned with our vision.


Ms.Dimple Deshpande HRT Gr4 Tenacity.



Ms.Dimple Deshpande has recently joined Fountainhead school. She has 5 years of teaching experience in METAS of SDA. She is a Commerce graduate and has done her B.Ed from IGNOU. Teaching is her passion as she loves understanding children. Her area of interest are listening to music and exploring new places.


Ms. Pinky Shah. HRT Gr4 Fortitude.



Pinky Shah is an enthusiastic person. She has been working with Fountainhead School since 2014. She has completed her B.E in Informational Technology and was a Gold Medalist in the University. She loves to explore new technologies. Her hobbies are listening to music, travelling and watching movies. Teaching is her passion and she loves to be around children.



Ms Fatema Topiwala HRT Gr 4 Responsibility.


Ms. Fatema Topiwala has joined Fountainhead School in April 2016 as a Primary Years Programme Teacher. She has done her schooling from Cambridge Board/Al Nahda National School Abu Dhabi and has experience of teaching Primary section in the same school. She is a people person with jovial personality. Her passion for teaching is evident with her work and helps her develop a good rapport with her students.


Ms. Poonam Sharma Gr4 HRT Resilience


Ms. Poonam Sharma is a confident and dedicated person. She has pursued BCA and an advanced .Net course from NIIT, Surat. She has been serving Fountainhead organisation for past 5 years. Her passion and love for children makes her happy to be part of teaching field. Hence students love and talks is a stress buster for her. She is fond of exploring places and spend time with her friends and family. Her hobbies are dancing, cooking and listening to music.


Ms Sweta. Mehta HRT Gr4 Courage.

Ms.Sweta Mehta is jovial and enthusiastic person. She has been working with Fountainhead school since last 2 years and has served in grade 6 for both the years. By qualification, she is a commerce graduate and has also attained PG Diploma certificate in Mass Communication. Her passion is to travel and experience different culture. She is inquisitive towards understanding children and thereby nurture them to be confident and conscientious citizens. Reading, listening music and spending time with her family, especially with her son, is her idea of spending quality time.


Ms. Ritu Saini HRT Gr4 Valour

Ms.Ritu Saini is an Engineer and an inspiring teacher, believes that every child is gifted, they just unwrap their packages at different times. She has done engineering in the field of Information Technology (B.E. in Electronics and communication) and in addition to that she has pursued Masters Degree in the Field of Management i.e. Masters in Business Administration (MBA) specialized in HR. Previously she was working with L.P. Savani International and Divine child high school, Surat as a Math faculty. Her hobbies are researching, exploring new things, teaching and dancing. Being a Math enthusiast, she loves to explore different algorithms related to math and incorporates them in daily life. She believes in the philosophy that teaching is a specialized application of knowledge, skills and attributes designed to provide unique service to meet the educational needs of the individual and of society.


Ms. Malvika.Gandhi HRT Gr4 Freedom.


Ms.Malvika Gandhi has pursued MBA (HR) and BBA from Symbiosis International University in the year 2013 and 2010 respectively. She has been associated with Fountainhead School since March 2016. She is a confident person with a pleasing personality. Malvika has 2 years of experience in HR function. Travelling, cooking, reading and planning events excites her the most.


Ms.Varssha .Tulshiyani HRT Gr4 Mettle.


Ms.Varssha is a self motivated learner. She has done her MBA from NEHU (Shillong) and Fashion Designing from INIFD. She has also completed her B.Ed in the year 2014. She became a part of the Fountainhead family in February 2013. She firmly believes that- “All that we are is a result of what we have thought” – Buddha. She is passionate about dancing and travelling. She also loves to listen to music in her free time. She is really fond of reading books and she aspires to fly high in the sky and also make difference in lives of people, of course in a positive manner.


Ms. Priti Patel. Gr4  Resource and LEAP Teacher.


Ms.Priti is a dedicated person. She is associated with Fountainhead since 2012. She is a life long learner, hence plunged into pursuing M.A. psychology to understand surrounding in a better way. She is basically from a civil engineering background and loves visiting her husband’s interior sites. Her hobbies are swimming, music and travelling.  


Ms. ManjeetKaur. Khalsa. Gr4 PYP Teacher.

Ms.Manjeetkaur Khalsa is an enthusiastic person. She is a commerce graduate.She is a PYP teacher for grade 4. She is quite passionate about teaching. She is hardworking and responsible. Her hobbies are reading, painting and listening to music.She is committed towards her work.