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Dear Parents,

As we approach towards the culmination of this year, it’s time to make some sweet memories. We would like to end this journey with a “Crispy snack bite” for our lovely kids. So moms get on your toes, as the POTLUCK is due on 20th April and 21st April.

Kindly note that parents have to prepare food for 10 kids only as per the day allotted.

Date: 21st April 2017

Food Item: Idli chutney


Tanya Dhingra

PTC Slots for JR KG Blue

PTC Slots for JR KG Blue

Dear parents,

Kindly find your final PTC slots as below:

Names                             Timings
Kiara Shah                      7:40 to 8:00
Ananya Banthia            8:00 to 8:20
Vedant Berlia                 8:20 to 8:40
Break 8:40 to 8:55
Parv Rathod                      9:00 to 9:20
Aadit Patel                      9:20 to 9:40
Yuvraj Thumar                  9:40 to 10:00
Dhairya Kansara             10:00 to 10:20
Naomi Choksi                   10:20 to 10:40
Anay Shah                        10:40 to 11:00
Dhiyaana Rathod             11:00 to 11:20
Arjun Lakhani                    11:20 to 11:40
Avvarnya Baid                   11:40 to 12:00
Break 12:00 to 12:25
Reyansh Chhapgar           12:30 to 12:50
Naysha Agarwal                 12:50 to 1:10
Antra Parmar                     1:10 to 1:30
Kkaviya Agarwal                 1:30 to 1:50
Vihana Kothari                   1:50 to 2:10
Kahaan Kothari                   2:10 to 2:30
Tanishka Patel                   2:30 to 2:50
Jiyara Sutaria                   2:50 to 3:10

Highlights for the week 20th-24th March

Highlights for the week 20th-24th March

Circle Time:Y box performance practice


Summative assessment of cluster ( q,w,x,y,v and z) was done through various learning centers( identification of letters & association) and dictation ( sounds of letters).
Summative assessment of tricky words was conducted through flash cards.

Revision of all the taught concepts (forward counting, backward counting, after numbers, before numbers, greater than, less than, pattern, days of the week and months of the year).
Oral chanting from 1 to 50

Unit of inquiry:

Transdisciplinary theme: Sharing the planet.

Central Idea: Plants sustain life on earth and play a role in our lives.

Students were asked to reflect on the needs, importance and the products derived from plants.
Summative assessment was conducted.

Free play:
Learners were given different toys :
Jodo blocks
Wooden blocks

Students enjoyed playing with the toys and mingled up with their friends. It helped them in enhancing their Social and Communication skills.

Important note:
Please read to your child regularly and maintain a record in the reading log.
Kindly revise the taught Language and Math curriculum regularly.
Kindly send your child regularly to school, else he/she will miss practice for Y-Box performance.
Kindly practice Y-Box dialogues with students.

Have a great and happy weekend!

Highlights of the week.

Highlights of the week.

Circle Time:

Word of the week– Responsible.

Morning message-We are responsible for our belongings. We are in charge of our actions.

DRILL:  Where do you live ? I live in Surat, Gujarat.

WIGGLE: https//

Introduction of Rhymes:

1.The River

The river is flowing flowing and growing the river is flowing down to the sea.

mother earth is calling me, Her child I always be.

the river is flowing flowing and growing.  The river is flowing down to the sea!

Written by: Diana Hildebrand-Hull

Phonological awareness activity:

  • Teacher picked up a random object from the classroom and asked for the rhyming words.
  • Teacher sounded out a letter and then the students were asked to make sentences using  the same sound (Alliteration)
  • Teacher gave a sentence and the students jumped and counted the words in the sentences spoken.
  • Teacher gave a sentence and students tapped their head or chin and counted the number of words in the sentence.


Revision of letters and their sounds using  flashcards and objects .

  •    Introduction of the letter ‘j’ through a story where different flash cards  were shown.
  •    Action:The children pretend to be like jelly and wobbled, saying ‘j,j,j’.
  •    Formation: It has a tail that goes down under the line.
  •    Blending of jet, job, jab, jug, jog, just.was done.
  • Worksheets related to the letter j ( identification, formation and its association)
  • Worksheets related to the tricky words which have been taught.

After introduction the following links were shown

Jolly phonics song link:-

Introduction of new tricky words: like, have.(revision of the previous tricky words)

  •    ‘Show and tell’ of letter j objects.
  •    Dictation of cluster 1 and 2 letters was taken.
  •    Picture Talk was done.

Guided play: Few tricky words were pasted and the learners had to move around, then when the music stopped the learners had to read the tricky words in front of them.


  • Revision of all the taught concepts (forward counting,backward counting, after numbers, before numbers, greater than less than and patterns).
  • Introduction of new concepts, top and bottom, thin and fat, narrow and wide.
  • Revision of all the operations like before and after number and number quantification.
  •  Show and tell (Cube)
  •  Oral chanting from 1 to 50.

Guided play:- Numbers were written on bowling pins where the learners had to roll the ball, read the number on the pin, then say the before number on the pins which had fallen.

Unit of inquiry

Transdisciplinary theme :- Sharing the planet.

Central Idea:- Plants sustain life on Earth and play a role in our lives.

Learning Engagements:

  • A read aloud of the book “The Family of Earth” was taken. Then using a picture of the Earth, an activity with the whole class was conducted where the learners understood that we share our planet with people, animals, trees/plants.
  • A read aloud of the book “The Giving Tree” was done. Learners were taken to KG Farm where they came to know about the trees, plants , grass and different parts of the plants.
  • Learners made their favorite food using clay and then through a discussion they gained an understanding that food items are acquired from plants and that is why trees are important to us.

Important note-

1.Please revise the taught curriculum regularly.

2.Do read to your child daily.

3.Please give regular writing practice to your child for the letters and numbers which have been taught.


Math: Firefly Number Book:  Page 68 to 72

Language: Phonics pupil book-1: Letters r and m

Have a great weekend !!!


Junior KG Team







Resolve to Read

Resolve to Read

Dear Parent,

Its an immense pleasure to inform you that, we in partnership with Helen O’Grady International are bringing a unique Reading event to our school ie “Resolve to Read”. Resolve to read is an international campaign to encourage reading in children.

We are glad to share that today on 9 January, 2017, we read an award winning book “Kitten’s First Full Moon” by Kevin Henkes, (won the Caldecott 2005 Award ) as part of the SURAT shared reading experience.

After the read aloud different activities related to the book were done.

Sharing the Glimpses…


Navratri Celebration

Navratri Celebration

When the “Glitter” of navratri blazed….Our “Ignites” were out with their navratri fumes….Love of celebration was “Kindle” in hearts….They tapped their auspicious feet on the beats to say “I am gonna “Shine” ….The “Dazzle” in their eyes….That “Sparkle” of their smile mesmerizing soul, our “Glimmer” glistened saying ” I am gonna set the fire of gaiety glorification and spree ….And our “Sky” smiled showing VIBGYOR…


















Math homework

Math homework

Math homework : Mixed bag worksheet

Important note :
Kindly send   3D shaped objects for sphere, cube and cuboid for show and tell activity.
Example: sphere :- ball, marble etc
                cube:- box, puzzle, sugar cubes etc
                cuboid :- match box, compass box etc
Highlights of the week 26th- 29th September

Highlights of the week 26th- 29th September

  • Circle time


  • Read aloud were done from the Sr. KG monthly read aloud list

  • Activities related to syllables, sentences and alliteration were taken up in Phonological Awareness

  • WOW – Calcium and proteins.


  • Math:-

  1. Dictation of number names from 1 to 30 was taken.

  2. Revision of O’clock,forward and backward counting.

  3. Revision of descending order and Skip count by 2 (1 to 50)

  4. Revision of all the above concepts through Learning Centers

  5. Summative assessment was taken for the concept of after\before\middle numbers, forward and backward counting, greater\less than.

  • Language:-

  1. Revision of tricky words- before, other, because, want

  2. The learners framed the sentences on their own and were asked to copy the sentences from the board in their notebooks.

  3. Revision of og, ox, op, ot word families was done.


  • UOI: Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Transdisciplinary theme: Who We are

  • Central idea: Choices people make affect their health and well being

  • Field Trip to Star bazaar:- Students went to Star bazaar. Here, they were introduced to the LOI:How choices we make affect our health (Responsibility). They were given exposure to different  items related to the food plate displayed in the grocery area. Teacher informed them that how the choice that we make to buy/not buy these things affects our well being.


  • Formative assessment of 5 components of the healthy lifestyle (food, hygiene, exercise, recreation and rest) and the different food groups (fruits, vegetable, grains, meat & beans, dairy products, fats\oil and sweet) was taken up.


  • Homework:

    • Write all the words of ‘og’, ‘ox’, ‘op’, ‘ot’ word families in the notebook. (1 time)

        ( Refer the notebook or booklet for the  words).

Important note:

  • Sending the reading log for the month of October and kindly send the reading log of September on Monday.

  • Kindly revise the math and language curriculum

  • If your child is reflecting about his\her learning at home kindly let the HRT know through Daily Diary (DD).


Happy weekend!!



Sr. KG Team.