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Homework of 18 January

Homework of 18 January

Upload your timeline in the folder named ‘Timeline’ shared with you.

  • Complete the mixed bag homework in your mixed bag homework notebook.
  • Read the following article:

After reading the article write a reflection keeping in mind the central idea and the key concepts of the unit Migration. To be done in UOI+Language notebook.

For reference:

TDT: Where we are in place and time
Central Idea: Human migration is a response to challenges, risks, and opportunities
LOI and Key Concepts:
The reasons why people migrate (Causation)
Migration throughout history (Change)
Effects of migration on communities, cultures, and individuals (Perspective)
Related Concepts: Adaptation, Prejudice
LP: Inquirers, Communicators, Thinkers
Attitude: Curiosity, Confidence
Skills: Communication skills– Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Viewing
Research skills: Formulating questions, Planning, Collecting data, Recording data, Organizing data, Interpreting data, Presenting research findings
  • Start working on the task posted by Puja ma’am, on a separate blog. It has to be submitted latest by Tuesday, 29th January.
Homework of 17th January

Homework of 17th January

  • Upload the portfolio piece for Language and Math and write the comments for the same, in the folder shared. Once, done, update the portfolio checklist accordingly.

Portfolio comments –

Portfolio checklist  –

  • The entire class has been assigned a passage titled ‘Place in space’ on You need to read the passage and answer the vocabulary questions related to the word ‘Migrate’ and submit it today itself.
  • Tomorrow is the book review, come prepared for the same. Get along your props and other required resources.


Homework of 15th January

Homework of 15th January

  • Go through the Math and Language formative assessments and get them signed by your parents.
  • Re-d0 the incorrect sums(if any)from the Math formative assessments, as discussed in class. Ignore if completed
  • Complete the classwork word problems, if pending. Complete re-do of any incorrect word problems. Ignore if completed.
  • Complete the Math homework posted by Nisreen Ma’am, on a separate blog.
  • The UOI homework has been posted by Himani ma’am, on a separate blog.
  • The book review is scheduled for the 18th of January. Make sure you are rehearsing for the same.





Homework of 11th January

Homework of 11th January

  1. Complete the UOI classwork, if incomplete.
  2. The UOI homework posted by Himani ma’am needs to be done in the UOI homework notebook.
  3. Complete the homework posted by Puja ma’am. Following are the details of the same

You need to trace your palms on a sheet of a paper.

Cut the shape of the traced palm and get it along on Tuesday – 15/01/19

You need to get 5 such cutouts. ( any of the hand – right OR left )

Focus on best out of waste for the paper to be used.

You may check the following image for reference –


Sample image of Cutouts

4. Check the homework posted by Khadeeja ma’am and complete it.

5. Upload a Math portfolio piece of Integers or Measurement using the nucleus app.

6. Keep working on your goals and get your goal evidence to school on Tuesday.

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Image link:

Have a great weekend!



Homework of 10th January

Homework of 10th January

  • The UOI homework posted separately has to be done in the UOI homework notebook.
  • The homework posted yesterday by Puja ma’am needs to be submitted tomorrow. Following are the details of the same :

As Makar Sankranti, also known as Uttrayan, is approaching, we all are excited to savor the seasonal delicacies and Kite flying. We know that when we are enjoying flying kites using the deadly abrasive string which is made up of gum, color, and powdered glass, the birds get affected on a large scale. Many birds die on this day and sometimes it goes unnoticed. Not only this, many two-wheeler riders end up with injuries due to the threads hanging all over the place. Let us bring this awareness into our surroundings as well.
You may choose to design posters, banners, create a poem, prepare a monologue, dance etc. for spreading awareness and suggesting changes. These changes are the options which one may opt, to make most of this festival. As you are the creative communicators, you might come up with some more creative ideas to express your voice.

Let us do it. Your creativity will be shared during CT tomorrow. So open your art pitara and bring the change you want to see.


Homework of 8th January

Homework of 8th January

  • Students need to frame as many questions possible on the topic ‘School’ in their UOI notebook. Keep in mind the discussion on key concepts done in class today.
  • Complete the Fractions F.A redo, if not done in class.
  • Work on your Term 2 goals.
  • Prepare for your book review presentation. We will start with the reviews tomorrow.
Homework of 4th January

Homework of 4th January

  • Complete the sums from the following link, in your Math homework notebook:

  • The mixed bag homework needs to be done in your mixed bag notebook.
  • Prepare for the book review presentation.
  • Complete pending Math classwork. Ignore if done.
  • As discussed in class, explore student compendium and post a portfolio piece using

Have a great weekend!


Homework of 28th December

Homework of 28th December

  • Solve the questions from the following worksheet in your Math homework notebook:

  • Update your UOI journals, as discussed in class. They need to be submitted on 2nd January 2019.
  • Mixed bag homework posted on the blog needs to be done in the mixed bag notebook.
  • Choose a topic of your choice, create a mind map and write a poem on that topic, using any 2 figures of speech taught in class.
  • The Language and Math F.A’s need to be signed by your parents.

happy new year 2019

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Homework of 27th December

Homework of 27th December

  • Movie reflection to be updated in your journals along with the connections with the Central idea/LOI’s/learner profiles/attitudes/skills.
  • Complete the Math classwork worksheet, if pending, in your Math classwork notebook. Write statements and show the working stepwise wherever applicable.
  • Complete the following worksheet in your Math homework notebook. Write statements and show the working stepwise wherever applicable.

Note: Work on your book review for December. 

Work on your goals and carry the goal book to school. Ensure that your goal sheets are pasted in the goal book.