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Highlights of the week-22nd January to 25th January

Highlights of the week-22nd January to 25th January

Circle Time:

Phonological Awareness– Identification of numbers and revision of tricky words through a game.

Word of the week: Planet

Morning message: We share our planet Earth.


Revision of all the Rhymes

Introduction of new rhyme:

Sabzi le lo, sabzi le lo
Sabzi wala aya hain,
Aaloo gobi adrak mooli
Palak bhindi laya hai,
Lal tamatar, lauki, gajar
Hari mirch bhi laya hai,
Shalgam, baingan, bathua, tori
Hara pudhina laya hai,
Hari hari tum sabzi khao
Apni sehat khub banao…


Read aloud: Jr. KG monthly read aloud list.

Revision: letter, sounds and blending

Introduction of new letter- ‘y’ through a story.

Jolly phonics song for letter ‘y’ and

Circling and tracing of letter ‘y’

Introduction of new tricky word- ‘What’.

Revision of tricky words .

Blending of words- yes, yell, yum, yel.


Revision of all the concepts through activities and learning centers (greater than-lesser than, tens and ones, backward counting, before and after numbers)



Transdisciplinary theme: Sharing the planet.

Central Idea: Plants sustain life on Earth and play a role in our lives.

Field trip- Students were taken to KG farm to give an exposure of different types of plants trees, herbs, shrubs, climbers and creepers.  

After the visit, discussion was done in the class.


Language: Tricky word booklet- page no 20, and Reflection sheet of letter ‘y’.

Math: Math booklet Term 1- page number 9 and 10 for pre math concept.

Happy Republic Day..

Happy Weekend!!


Jr KG Team 🙂



Circle Time

Phonological Awareness – Various activities to enhance  listening skills                                             

Words of the week: letter, word, sentence.

Revision of rhyme:

Round And Round the Garden,

Little Peter Rabbit

Jolly phonic song: ‘u’

/u/-/u/ up go umbrellas..
/u/-/u/ up go umbrellas…
/u/-/u/ up go umbrellas….
….when it starts to rain!!

Jolly phonic song: ‘l’

we lick our lollipops..
we lick our lollipops..
/l/-/l/-/l/-/l/ !
we lick our lollipops


Read aloud: Jr. KG monthly read aloud list.
Revision: letters and their sounds: s, a, t, i, p, n, c, k, h, e, r, m, d, g, o.
Revision: blending

Revision: Tricky words go, no, so.

Introduction of tricky words: my, by, one.

Introduction: letter ‘u’ andl’ through Jolly phonics story

Blending: up, us, sun, run, mud, cup, rug, hug…lip, lap, lad, log, let, lid, lot.

Show and tell- objects with initial sound /g/, /l/

Reinforcement : ,  Jolly Phonics song

Read aloud : My ‘u’ book, My ‘l’ book.

Writing Practice : letter g,o,u, l  (With slate and chalk/ tracing)

Introduction : Before concept

Introduction :  Pre-math concept- strong – weak.

Introduction : Number 12



TDT: How we express ourselves.

Central Idea: Stories are told in a variety of ways for different purposes.

Learning Engagement: Retelling stories through different mediums (story spoon, story cube, story cups for light play, Big books)

Discussion of elements through different stories {where, when, who, why, what}



Language: Tricky words booklet page no. 11.

Notebook: Write letters-g, o, u, l

Math: Math Booklet – page no. 8


Important Note – We will send set of reading books on Tuesday.


Happy Weekend!!

Jr.KG Team.



Dear Parents,

Kindly find the final list of your booked  slots for PTC, scheduled on Saturday, 25th November 2017. Kindly be on time.

Looking forward to see you.


Parvin Samnani

No    Start Time Name of Student
1 7:25 am –7:45 am Samar Lakhani
2 7:45 am-8:05 am Dhruva Patel
3 8:05 am-8:25 am Arjun Daga
4 8:40 am-9:00 am Vanya Mulchandani
5 9:00 am-9:20 am Aradhya Bascotia
6 9:20 am-9:40 am Viha Bhulia
7 9:40 am-10:00 am Reyansh Chandak
8 10:00 am-10:20 am Ziyaan Jariwala
9 10:20 am-10:40 am
10 10:40 am-11:00 am Krishiv Virani
11 11:00 am-11:20 am Arsh Patel
12 11:20 am-11:40 am Ayaan Singh
13 11:40 am-12:00 noon Shivansh Nathani
(12:00 noon – 12:30 pm)     
14 12:30 pm-12:50 Hunarr Randeria
15 12:50 pm-13:10 pm
16 1:10 pm-1:30 pm
17 1:30 pm-1:50 pm Divam Shah
18 1:50 pm-2:10 pm Saisha Pillai
19 2:10 pm-2:30 pm Jihva Wadiwala
20 2:30 pm-2:50 pm


PTC Slots Jr.KG Green

PTC Slots Jr.KG Green

Dear Parents,

Kindly find the final list of your  booked  slots for PTC , scheduled on Saturday, 25th November 2017. Kindly be on time.

Looking forward to see you.

Trishna Sarkar

No    Start Time Name of Student
1 7:25 am –7:45 am
2 7:45 am-8:05 am Yahviraj
3 8:05 am-8:25 am Mukti
4 8:40 am-9:00 am Kinaya Vij
5 9:00 am-9:20 am Labdhi
6 9:20 am-9:40 am Ayaan
7 9:40 am-10:00 am Jihan
8 10:00 am-10:20 am Hiranshi
9 10:20 am-10:40 am Navaansh
10 10:40 am-11:00 am Henny
11 11:00 am-11:20 am Dhairya
12 11:20 am-11:40 am Risha
13 11:40 am-12:00 noon Aadya
(12:00 noon – 12:30 pm)     
14 12:30 pm-12:50 Md.Raihan
15 12:50 pm-13:10 pm Vivaan
16 1:10 pm-1:30 pm Aryan
17 1:30 pm-1:50 pm Dhyanaa
18 1:50 pm-2:10 pm Shreeya
19 2:10 pm-2:30 pm Hridaan
20 2:30 pm-2:50 pm Kiyansh