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Recap of the day – 14/12/18

Recap of the day – 14/12/18


Math: Students learned the purpose of preparing the line graph through real-life examples. Later, they plotted a line graph in their graph book.

Self – esteem session was conducted.


Students started creating poetries in pairs following the writing process.


Math: Visit the link and solve the worksheet.

Cycle 19 mixed bag

Language: Solve the worksheet as explained.

Recap of the day – 11/12/18

Recap of the day – 11/12/18

Math –Students learned to conclude a survey.

Language – Learners were tuned into descriptive writing by using sensory words.


Language – In order to understand the meaning of all the sensory words learners need to find out the meaning of the sensory words given to them. All the students have been given  5 words to either Illustrate or create a ppt and share with the teacher. 

Math – 

Solve the following:
a) In a series of 4 cricket matches, the runs scored by India and Australia are given below:

Match India Australia
First 102 208
Second 202 192
Third 360 241
Fourth 276 203

(i) What is the average score of India?

(ii) What is the average score of Australia?

(iii) Which team performed better?


Recap of the day – 7/12/18

Recap of the day – 7/12/18

ICT – Students explored google drive and organized files and other items on google drive. They practiced and Learned to locate files on drive or downloads ~ Structure their drive. Have a grade 4 folder for storing all documents created in this grade. Create subjectwise folders within and further subfolders if needed. ~ Use “Move to” option for organizing files and folders. Know drag and drop option for moving file/s to a folder ~ Learn to rename files. The name should be relevant to the purpose of the document.

Math – Students  learned to represent the data collected using double/multiple bar graph and 

learners independently created Double Bar graph for the survey which they conducted on Technology.


Language – 

Math – Learners have to solve the following in their math homework notebook.

Open the link and complete the worksheet.

Mixed bag cycle 18

Do make the graph using the data below as suggested in the class for practice.

Remember to do it as practiced in the class neatly in the graph book.

Mode of communication
Facebook 28 16
Email 21 13
Text Messages 38 18
Skype 6 5
Others 34 20





Recap of the day – 6/12/18

Recap of the day – 6/12/18

Language: Students visited few areas of the school and described them. They were thereby tuned into descriptive writing.

Math: Students learned to represent the data using a bar graph and the double bar graph.

Homework –

Math –  Write tables 2 to 12 for revision.

Language – 

A-Students have to describe their bedroom in a paragraph (8-10 lines).Criteria: 6-10 descriptive adjectives, 3 strong verbs, and at least 1 adverb. (in writer’s notebook)

B-Viewing and Presenting

Observe the hoarding given below and answer the following questions.

  1. What is the creator trying to achieve through this?
  2. How can we make it better (Give suggestions)?



Recap of the day – 4/12/18

Recap of the day – 4/12/18

Language – The students with the support of teacher created a poem on ‘My Classroom’ using the writing process. 

U O  I –Discussion of Central Idea and PIE (Persuade/Inform /Entertain) was done.


Language – Students have to read the article and comprehend the text using the strategy ‘Find important information rather than finding just one main idea’.Make two columns as important and interesting and then write three of the important points. The link is given below:

Use the thesaurus and find at least 3 synonyms of the verb “run”. Make a sentence using any 1 synonym (Remember to keep the context in mind).

Math: Click on the link and interpret the graphs:


Recap of the day -29/11/18

Recap of the day -29/11/18

Math –  Learners conducted pre-test survey and reflected how and what can be improvised.
Language – Learners learned using appropriate synonym to beautify the sentence.

Teacher read the article and identified the important points using the strategy “Determining Importance”.


Observe the poster given below and answer the following in a Google Slide presentation.

  1. What is the creator trying to achieve through this?
  2. How can we make it better (Give suggestions)? Share the presentation with your homeroom teacher.

Use the thesaurus and find minimum three synonyms for walk and shout. Find the meaning of those synonyms and frame sentence using any one keeping the context in mind.

Math: Conduct the survey, as explained in the class.Each student will ask 20 people to conduct the survey and involve  different age groups so to get a proper data. You need to submit the survey on Monday so you have enough time to ask 20 people.

Note: Kindly read the blog posted for the night out details and come prepared tomorrow.

Highlight and Homework- Day 4- 27th Novermber

Highlight and Homework- Day 4- 27th Novermber


UOI : Students were tuned into the new unit “Media”. Later they were introduced to the three types of media : “Audio”, “Visual” and “AudioVisual” media.

Math : Students revised different types of question. They, also learned to improve the survey question errors and created an open ended and neutral questions.

Language : Learners revised the elements of poetry.


Math : Answer the following in math homework book

The manager of Yumyums wants her shop to be the most popular coffee shop in town.

  1. What information could help her make sure that she keeps her customer happy?
  2. How should she collect this information?

Frame one question of each of the following type for the above situation


Open ended

Multiple choice


Language : Answer the following in your language writing book.

Read the poem and do as directed: Identify the rhyming words, Write the main idea of the poem, Identify the figurative language used and add one figure of speechof your choice.


The sun was shining on the sea,

Shining with all his might:

He did his very best to make

The billows smooth and bright –

And this was odd, because it was

The middle of the night.   

(Lewis Carroll)



Ekta Bathija

Recap of the day – 27/11/18

Recap of the day – 27/11/18

Day 4, Tuesday.

Math – Learners began with data handling and derived the purpose ‘People are influenced by technology and are spending lots of time indoor, forgetting outdoors.’ To validate this statement, they chose the primary data collection method – Survey and planned population, sample and sample size.

Language – Learners revised elements of the poetry.

Homework –

Math – Answer the following question in your Math notebook

Solve the following:

  1. Find the area of a square with length  20 cm.
  2. Find the perimeter of a square with area 80 sq meter.
  3. Find the cost of tiling a square plot of land 300 m long at the rate of Rs. 5 per square meter.
Recap of the day -22/11/18

Recap of the day -22/11/18

Routines and procedures, essential agreements /bus procedures were revised.

Learners attended the grade level assembly for discussing discipline.

Diwali homework was discussed and checked which will be continued tomorrow as well.


Language -Play this game to revise parts of speech

Math – Play this game to revise multiplication and division

Bring your Diwali homework if not submitted.