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Final PTC Slots Grade 4 Courage.

Final PTC Slots Grade 4 Courage.

Dear Parents, 

Kindly refer to the table below for the  PTC slot on 27th April. You are requested to go through the detailed reports and assessment sheets shared with you earlier. Ensure to be on time with the points to be discussed after going through the detailed reports sent by us. Kindly bring the  LWE reference book with you as it has to be used in grade 5 as well.


Slots Start Time End Time Names
1 7:30 7:45 Heeva Patel
2 7:50 8:05 Dhruv Mulwani
3 8:10 8:25 Vanessa Bajaj
Breakfast 8:30 8:45
4 8:50 9:05 Zeal Chhatiawala
5 9:10 9:25 Vivaan Desai
6 9:30 9:45 Anaya Arora
7 9:50 10:05 Kavya Patel
8 10:10 10:25 Dharmaj Mehta
9 10:30 10:45 Aarya Desai
10 10:50 11:05 Avyaana Arora
11 11:10 11:25 Diya Kothari
12 11:30 11:45 Daksh Agarwal
13 11:50 12:05 Vedanshi Dashora
Lunch 12:10 12:35
14 12:40 12:55 Aryan Bhagat
15 13:00 13:15 Yash Singhal
16 13:20 13:35 Meer Desai
17 13:40 13:55 Arjun Malhotra
18 14:00 14:15 Devansh Bhutra
19 14:20 14:35 Niva Desai
20 14:40 14:55 Pal Patel

Stick to timings . Thankyou for your co-operation.

Recap of the day – 19/4/19

Recap of the day – 19/4/19

Day 5, Friday

UOI: The business fair was executed.


UOI: Answer the following questions by making a Mindmup as learned in class you can use sentences or phrases to do so. Don’t write in the UOI notebook.

1. Explain the relationship between demand and supply by giving an example of any of your goods or services.
2. What was the impact on the market ( or sales at your stall) if people sold similar products?
3. Explain the process of ‘Exchange’ by giving two examples.
4. Which good/service was most in demand? Why?
5. Which good/service was not much in demand? Why?
6. Which skills did you apply while conducting the Business Fair?
7. Two things that went really well and two areas of improvement.
8. What is your key learning from the Business Fair?

Note: Hindi, Gujarat pieces of evidence are sent along with students.

AS reports are also sent with the students.


Important note for Business Fair

Important note for Business Fair

Please carry all the required things for the Business Fair.

Refer the following list for your reference.

1- Products, apron

2- Posters

3- Bill Book

4- A box to keep the coupons.

5- Glass/Plates/spoons to serve your product.

6- One bedsheet if you need to cover the table.

Anything which is required by your group. Come prepared.

Business fair timing 8.15 to 10.15



Visit the link and practice measuring angles:

Recap of the day – 16/4/19

Recap of the day – 16/4/19

Day 2, Tuesday

UOI: Learners collected data through a survey for understanding the goods and services that are in demand in school.

Math: Learners attempted term end assessment


Language: Watch the video. Summarize and retell the story using rich vocabulary. Share your response through the Google slide.

Math – Complete the worksheet as explained in class.

Recap of the day – 12/4/19

Recap of the day – 12/4/19

Language – Learners continued their “Term end assessment”.

Math – Students practiced Constructing Angles.

Students appeared for Formative Assessment on Angles.

U O I – Discussion of Business fair budget, grouping, and the initial plan were done.


U O I – Click on the link and read the book assigned to you and write the reflection using the thinking routine 321. (3 facts I learned, 2 connections I made, 1 question I still have. name of the books (From Milk to Ice cream and From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate.)  

Math – Visit the link and play the game. Don’t forget to use protractor

Language – Click on the link and do the worksheet in E.E notebook.

Complete the story using the prompts mentioned in the worksheet. Make it interesting by using strong verbs.




Recap of the day – 9/4/19

Recap of the day – 9/4/19

Day 3, Tuesday.

Language: Students appeared for the Term End assessment.

Learners shared  the summarizing and retelling of the story “Make money, wash cars .” with their peers and worked on the feedback given to them.

Math: Students practiced measuring different angles by exploring centers.


Math: Solve the worksheet as explained.

Language: Complete the task on the plain side of the math worksheet given to you.

Watch any one of the advertisements and write their conversation in the form of a dialogue.


Rahul exclaimed, “Hey friends! Mumma won’t say anything. Let’s have fun.”

Mumma whispered, “Enjoy yourself, but see that you are fit and fine. Have a bath with Dettol after playing!”

U O I – Discuss with your parents about the distribution of goods and services as per their working area or business you can make a flowchart too on any A4 paper.


Recap of the day – 5/4/19

Recap of the day – 5/4/19

MATH -Learners were introduced to “Angles”.

U O I -Learners reflected their understanding of needs and wants /demand and supply using Venn diagram.

LANGUAGE – Learners completed their revising and editing as per the writing process.


Math: Visit the link and complete the worksheet:


Language: Visit the link and complete the worksheet:


Recap of the day – 4/3/19

Recap of the day – 4/3/19

Day 6, Thursday

ICT: Students explored the digital library Get epic! And read books related to Economic Activities unit.

Math -Students revised geometry concepts previously learned.

U O I – Learners went for a field trip to the Tupperware office where they were able to make connections with LOI 2 distribution of goods and services and key concept connection.


Revisit the concepts by practicing through this game:
Create a chart creatively about Point, Line, Line segment and Ray (Ensure to give definition, illustration, and examples)

Language –  Visit the link and complete the worksheet.


 Learn the dictation words.