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Literary event (Spelling bee) – Grade 3

Literary event (Spelling bee) – Grade 3

Behind every great student is a great teacher. These teachers make learning fun by thinking outside the box and creating classroom experiences that resonate with their students. While they serve many roles in their schools, as spelling coaches, “school bee” coordinators and judges, more often than not, they are also the motivators who encourage their students to be the best that they can be.
Dear parents,
The Spelling Bee competition will commence from Monday, 3rd April. This Literary event will develop the use of correct spellings among the learners thereby motivating them to learn and spell new words and write them correctly. The spelling list will be as per Grade 3 level.
We humbly request to parents to start preparing their children for the same.
P. S. We’ve already provided them with the words for the first round.
Homework for the day 07/03/2017

Homework for the day 07/03/2017

Math - Solve the following sums :
a) 60 / 12         b) 75 / 15         c) 76 / 19

Language - Watch the video : and make verses using rhyming words with dog names for your poem.

Homework for the day 28/02/2017

Homework for the day 28/02/2017

1. Math booklet (Solve magic of 0 and 1 + everyone is hungry)

2. Solve the following sums:

a) 55 / 5      b) 96 / 4      c) 72 / 3      d) 52 / 2

3. Click on the following link and play the game :

Homework for the day 21/02/2017

Homework for the day 21/02/2017

Math - Illustrate and answer the following two questions : 

1) You have 18 pencils and you want to make 6 equal groups.

(a) How many groups have you made? (b) How many pencils are there in each group?

2) There are 18 pencils and you want to put them into groups of 6.

(a) How many pencils are there in each group? (b) How many groups did you make?

Go to the following link and play the game :

Language - Choose any one character from page number 83 of Empowering English (The Chinchpokli gang) and describe that character using descriptive words in your language notebook. 

Following are the words to describe physical features :


short dwarfish tall medium height very tall


slim fat plump about 60 kgs thin

Body build

athletic broad medium built shouldered fleshy
huge large muscular bony frail


black fair healthy peach tanned
coloured flawless oily rosy wheatish
dark glowing pale sunburnt white


beautiful dark-eyed large bright teary
big deep-set narrow glittering twinkling
blind drowsy shining squint-eyed watery


clear narrow high scarred wrinkled shining


pink rosy soft thin rough
pouting smiling thick wrinkled full


big flat small broken tiny
bony long straight sharp uneven


arched bushy joined shaped raised


bearded pointed small long smooth
cleft round square sharp firm


apple fat rosy dimpled wrinkled
chubby flat shining pimpled sunken


big golden perfect uneven dirty
broken large sharp white pearly
buck missing small with gaps toothless


dry full of boils oily spotted marked
freckled full of rashes rough wrinkled scaly


balding crew cut glowing lustrous soft unruly
bearded curly grey medium straight waist long
blonde damaged long moustache streaked washed
bouncy damp in a pony tail plaited strong wavy
braided dark knotted scanty thick wet
clean-shaved dyed left loose shining top knot wig
coloured full of lice/dandruff long/ thick eyelashes short unkempt wind-blown


40s infant old toddler early 30s
child middle-aged senior citizen young mid 20s


hobbling on a wooden leg one-armed wearing an eye patch mute giant like
limping waving his hooked arm a glass eye cross eyed cleft lip

Special or unusual marks

a big mole birthmarks discoloured skin tattoos bruises


Highlights and Homework – 09th February, 2017

Highlights and Homework – 09th February, 2017

Day 5 – Thursday.

They learnt about blogs, Google+ and Video conferencing tools like Skype which enables virtual face-to-face discussions with people in real time, no matter where in the world they are.
Language:  Learners made spidergram while revising the key idea and supporting details. They did the same in groups as well.
UOI: Discussed the five aspects pertaining to the natural resources and the various information seeking strategies. Later, “Source” (one of the five aspects) was taken up in class where learners’ were showed a video. Students wrote their reflection along with the points noted down by them in a booklet.
Math: Do the homework in the math booklet as explained in the class.
Language: Read Chapter no: 13 from reader and write a summary about it in your notebook.
Homework for 22/12/2016

Homework for 22/12/2016

UOI - Write about 1 complex machine which if not there would impact your life in a positive and negative way. (give them journal sheet)

Language – Complete the worksheet (Add dialogues in the passage).

Mathematics - Solve the following sums using Lattice method (CW is given for reference)
a) 87 x 65                 b) 22 x 44               c) 51 x 32

Kindly sign the Math FA notebook.