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Highlights of the week : 11th Feb to 14th Feb

Highlights of the week : 11th Feb to 14th Feb

Circle Time :

  • Introduction to the rhymes :



Daddy is special, daddy is special,

Yes he is, yes he is,

Daddy is special, daddy is special,

Yes he is, yes he is.

(Replace Daddy with other family members)

                                      Sources Unknown.



Me and my sister are quite a pair,

We like to sleep with our teddy bears,

My brother wants to sit on my daddy’s knee,

Me and my family.(2)

Me and my mom drive all over town,

We talk about things while we ride around,

My grandparents take good care of me,

And talk about the way things used to be,

Like a big tree my family grew,

Aunts and uncles and cousins too,

Put them all together and what do you see?

Me and my family. We are a family

                       Sources Unknown.


Read aloud of the following books:

  1. My Family by Arshi Naiz
  2. Why I Love My Mummy illustrated by Daniel Howarth



Central idea : Family and friends play an important role in our life.

  • Field trip to Nuclear Family



Central idea : We play to explore and have fun.


  • Chiddya Udd play



Language :

  • The monkey and the cap seller story through Puppets.


Math :

  • Revision of Quantification of numbers 5-10


Closing circle :

Story : The two goats.



Nursery team

Homework for the weekend – 14th Feb 2019

Homework for the weekend – 14th Feb 2019

Dear Students,

You have got the gift of time, utilize it to achieve the best. Finish conducting interviews of the people who can give you insight into the migration of the community selected by you. Update the use of information sheet with the link to the audio/ video along with the notes and summary of the interview. Also, update the notes and summary of the data collected through secondary sources.

All the students who are yet to finish publishing of my biography, please do so in Google Doc and share with me by tomorrow end of the day.

Please note that a blog regarding Human Library which is scheduled for Monday will be posted by Shehla Ma’am by tomorrow. Request you all to go through the blog once before coming to school on Monday.

Thanks and regards

Himani Mehta

Highlights of the week 11th to 14th February

Highlights of the week 11th to 14th February

Dear parents,

We would like to express our gratitude towards all the parents who participated for storytelling event, and made the event successful.

Circle Time:

Introduction of new song

Bees! Zum! Zum! What a merry hum. (2)
There’s no reason for alarm,
For we won’t do you any harm,

Bees! Zum! Zum! What a merry hum. (2)
Working all the sunny hours,
Sipping nectar from the flowers,

Bees! Zum! Zum! What a merry hum. (2)

Source- Steiner rhyme

Phonological Awareness :

  • Activities related to Listening skills were conducted.
  • Drill: Who tells us stories?


Closing circle:

Story:   The Talkative Tortoise

Read aloud:

  • Read aloud from Class library.


  • Introduction of shapes (cube and square)
  • Introduction of number “18”
  • Oral counting from 1 to 50.
  • Revision of concepts done so far.


  • Introduction of letter “ q ”
  • Revision of blending.
  • Revision of tricky words  ‘I’, ‘the’,’he’, ‘me’, “to”, “be” , “all”, “are”, “we”, “was”, “do”, “she”.


Unit of Inquiry

TDT: How we express ourselves

Central idea: Stories are told in a variety of ways for different purposes.

Storytelling session:- Parents were invited to narrate stories through different mediums.

Artwork: FMS activity (playing with clay)

Handwork: Finger knitting


Language : Booklet of (j,z,w,v,y,x) page no 8, 11, 12

Math : Worksheet of Forward and backward counting.

Important points:-

  • Kindly send one extra pair of uniform daily with your child.
  • Kindly trim nails regularly.
  • Kindly give regular writing practice of all the letters and numbers done till date.

Happy Weekend !!


Jr. KG Team




Dear parents,



Guest speakers: Batch 2 Guest speaker – Human Library

Task 1:

Build your background knowledge about your guest speaker’s culture and traditions. (write down some interesting finding as evidence of your research).

Task 2:

Frame 2-5 meaning questions to ask your guest speaker.

Task 3:

Read any of the following article:  


Create a table to reflect on what you read. ( minimum 2 points)

Connection +



 Question ?






 The gist of the Article:





Solve the mixed bag worksheet in your notebook: Mixed bag- Cycle 26


Star of the day:

Nyassha Fudhnawala and Prisha Nangalia (for being an open-minded learner)


Quote of the day:

Image result for happiness quotes



Fatema Topiwala

Homework for 14/2/19

Homework for 14/2/19

Dear All,

Task 1-Kindly complete mixed bag(cycle 26) homework in your mixed bag book. The same has been  shared .

Task 2-Kindly upload your language pieces on Compendium as discussed in class.

Task 3-Kindly memorize your script (annual meet)as we would start with final rehearsals from Monday