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Homework – 18/12/2018

Homework – 18/12/2018


Do the following tasks in your Math notebook:

Task 1: Solve the following sums :

a) 432 + 50  

b) 875 + 13

c) 281 + 117

d) 245 + 100

Task 2 : Solve the following word problems ( one is done for you):

Example : Divya went to the canteen and bought buttermilk worth ₹10 and sandwich worth  ₹35. How much did she pay in all?

                                                   T   O

Amount of sandwich          3   5

Amount of buttermilk  +  1   0

Total amount                       4  5            

Answer:  Divya paid ₹45.  

1) Meena bought a pencil box worth ₹105 and a pack of stickers worth  ₹70. How much money did she pay to the shopkeeper?

2) Ram went to the vegetable market and bought beetroot worth ₹75 and cabbage worth ₹40. Find the amount Ram paid to the shopkeeper?


Grade 1 Team

Highlights and Homework of the day

Highlights and Homework of the day

Circle Time:

Structured drill (discussion and phonics) was conducted.

Recitation of poetry was done.  


Demonstration of presentation skills was done by the teachers.

Students enhanced their reading skill through the reader by using various strategies.

Formative assessment was conducted.


Addition without regrouping was conducted

Single digit subtraction was introduced.                                                       

Unit of inquiry:

Under the TDT ‘Sharing the planet’ students gathered more information about waste segregation through class discussion  and read aloud sessions.

Dictation words


Homework: Complete  the given mixed bag worksheet

Uniform policy- Update

Uniform policy- Update

Dear Parent,

During winters, thermals of only black, white or grey color can be worn inside the school uniform t-shirt.
Note that students cannot wear full sleeve t-shirts/sweatshirts of any other color.
For bottoms- Only black leggings can be worn along with the school shorts if the student is not comfortable with full pants.
Parent Teacher Meeting Update

Parent Teacher Meeting Update

Dear parent,

This is in regards to PTM 2 for grades 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 which is scheduled on 15th Dec. Based on the feedback received by some parents, this time we’ll be having PTM in 3 languages i.e English, Hindi and Gujarati. The only purpose of having PTM is to help parents understand the content of the grade wise curriculum and the way of teaching in class so that parents can also support their child back at home. Please note the entire content of the PTM will be the same but the explanation part and the entire interaction will be in these respective languages which will happen in different classrooms. The venue for PTM will be the respective grade where further you’ll be guided to the classrooms. You’re free to choose the language you’re comfortable with and attend that PTM.  

We highly recommend you all to attend this PTM and be a part of your child’s learning journey. We also request you to spread this message on section Whatsapp groups so that all the parents are aware of these language options. As a school our sole motive for this initiative is to have maximum participation of parents along with maximum satisfaction. Looking forward to meet our purpose.

The timings of the PTM are:

Grade Date Time
Grade 1, Grade 3 and Grade 5 15th December 2018 8:00 am – 9:30 am
Grade 2 and Grade 4 15th December 2018 10:30 am – 12:00 pm



Fountainhead School.

Grade 1 Hindi Highlights and Homework Cycle 19 (12\12\2018)

Grade 1 Hindi Highlights and Homework Cycle 19 (12\12\2018)


‘ओ’ स्वर का चार्ट करवाया गया |
-अभ्यास पुस्तक के पेज नंबर २८ पर दी गई ‘ओ‘ स्वर का Tracing और Matching करवाया गया |
-UOI(Sharing The Planet) से सम्बंधित ‘waste management’ पर कविता सिखाई गई |
-UOI (Sharing The Planet) से सम्बंधित ‘waste management’ का Video दिखाया गया |
-गृहकार्य में दिए गए शब्दों का श्रुतलेखन (Dictation) लिया गया |

-गृहकार्य :

– वाचन पुस्तक के पेज नंबर 6 के वाक्यों को पढ़ने में बच्चों की सहायता करें |

-नीचे दिए गए वाक्यों का अनुलेखन लिखवाते समय वाक्यों को बोलकर नोटबुक में दो बार लिखवाएँ | अगली कक्षा में इन वाक्यों का श्रुतलेखन लिया जाएगा |

-१) नीना आई |
-२) मोहन कल आना |
-३) सलमा आम ला |
-४) काला कौआ |
-५) समोसा लो |


-सभी अभिभावकों से निवेदन है कि बच्चों के साथ कोई भी एक हिंदी की कहानी ज़रूर पढ़े |
-बच्चों को नोटबुक में HW, Date और अक्षरों को छोटा लिखने के लिए प्रेरित करें |
-हिंदी की पुस्तकें गुरुवार को कक्षा में जमा करवाएँ |

Homework – 11/12/2018

Homework – 11/12/2018

Do the following tasks in your Math notebook:

Task 1:  Create the pattern with skip count by 7:

503, _____, _____, ______, ______

Task 2: Arrange the following numbers in descending order :

a) 689, 598, 756, 656

b) 971, 719, 854, 845

Task 3 : Solve the following word problems:

a) There are 11 yellow flowers  and 10 violet flowers in the bouquet. How many total flowers are there in the bouquet ?

b) I read 19 pages in a day and Meena read 20 pages in a day. How many total pages did we read altogether?



Grade 1 Team