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Book Review/Retell

Book Review/Retell

Dear parent,

The celebration of our students’ reading habits will be concluded with the last Book Review/Retell for this academic session.

Students are challenged to read 1 book each month related to different genres independently. (Parents read for grade 1 and grade 2). Once a book is read, students give a book talk, share a retell/review of the book with their peers, HRT and in some cases with the volunteer parents.

We are also looking for parent volunteers to be a part of the Reading Club and witness book talk/ retell/ review of book read, given by our students.

Book Review/ retell/ talk, will be happening during school assembly slot on 29th March 2019 i.e Day 2 between 8:55 am-9:45 a.m.

Interested parents need to fill up the form latest by 24th March 2019

Link: Book Review/Retell

If you are a reader, if reading is your first love, then share your love, click that button and fill up the form!

Parents, “Let’s do something today that our future will thank us for as “Today a Reader tomorrow a Leader”

In case of any query, send an email to the Language Coordinator:


Fountainhead School

Highlights of Cycle No. 29

Highlights of Cycle No. 29

With one more cycle gone by we reach closer to the D-day. But this cycle was a mix of emotions.

The students began this cycle by applying their knowledge of the Mathematical concepts learned so far as they appeared for the term-end assessment.

They were enthusiastic inquirers while researching and identifying two issues which they would like to take a step towards resolution. Post the research, they made an informed choice of focusing on one such local or global issue of personal significance and the anticipated action that they would be taking as a small step towards bringing about a change. This issue became their topic for the PYP Exhibition.  

They also appreciated their culture and especially their mother tongue by sharing their thoughts, food and knowledge through the Mother tongue assembly.

Then came the day of playing for their section’s pride and bringing honour to the class by winning the trophies of being the champions of the Grade 6 in games like Kho Kho, Kabaddi, Langdi and Tug of War.

With all the zeal and ferocity they fought but as we know there is only one winner!

The next day started with aches and pains, with bruises, sprains and fractures but their strong will brought them back to the school. And, they were presented with another choice. This time about the medium of expression. Some confused, some sure and some bouncing all around with their choices of the medium, for their artistic fire had been given a fresh supply of oxygen.

To add to their excitement, they also celebrated the World Maths Day by playing the Math Games created by their peers.

With all the excitement of working on something they want to and the way they want to showcase their learning, they were introduced to their group members and their teacher-in-charge. They shared their ideas for action and understanding of the topic, with their group members. They tried to know the teacher-in-charge a little better as they were to work with her for the upcoming gigantic task.

Finally, the cycle did come to an end but it is yet not the end of their adventure called the ‘PYP Exhibition’.


Thanks and regards

Grade 6 Team

Homework of 15th March

Homework of 15th March

Homework : 

  • Complete the mixed bag homework posted on the blog.
  • You need to explore the following websites/video to gain an understanding of issues and how we as an individual can bring a change through our actions.



Theater Camp Drama Performance: The Jungle Book

Theater Camp Drama Performance: The Jungle Book

Dear Parents,

We are delighted to invite you for a student-initiated act ‘The Jungle Book ‘. This act is a presentation of our students’ hard work and efforts. Through this drama, you will witness not only the hidden talent of our students but also the skills that they have acquired during their training sessions in our school, imparted by the facilitators. Therefore, to encourage our young talented artists, please join us on:

Date: 22nd March 2019, Friday.

Timing: 8:45 PM to 9:45: PM (Entry start at 8:30 PM)

Venue: Performing Arts Centre, L.P. Savani Road, Pal, Adajan, Surat.

Note: It is an open event and tickets will be allotted on a first come first serve basis. Interested parents need to click here for tickets.

*Tickets are not chargeable.

*The last date for availing the tickets is 21st March 2019.

Reminder for PYP Tarang 2018-19 (Arts and Design performances)

Reminder for PYP Tarang 2018-19 (Arts and Design performances)

Dear Parent,

This is a kind reminder for the event, ‘Tarang 2018-19’ (Arts and Design Performances).

  • Date: 16th March 2019, Saturday
  • Venue: Fountainhead School
  • Timing: 8:30 am to 10:00 am for grade 3 and 4

             11:30 am to 1:00 pm for grade 5 and 6

  • Students of grade 3 and 4 will reach school by 8:00 am, click here for bus route.
  • Students of grade 5 and 6 will reach school by 11:00 am, click here for bus route.
  • After the event students will leave with the parents. Drop off transport will not be provided.
  • Parents need to carry RFID card without fail.

Note that the students are not allowed to bring any gadgets on the day of Tarang. If found, then the same will be confiscated immediately.


Activity Venue
Band performances (Grade 5 and 6) FS Ground
Drums performances (Grade 5 and 6) Y-box
Vocal and Keyboard performances (Grade 3 and 4) FS Ground
Drama Hippodrome
Folk Dance/Bharatnatyam/DEP Rendezvous
Visual Arts Lawn area near Atrium
Makers Atrium
Cooking Cucina


Important Note:

Please note that Grade 3 and 4 Drums and Guitar students’ performance will be held separately and the date for the same is 25th March 2019.

Over the past years, it has been observed that parents tend to start walking out of the venue as soon as their child’s performance is over which is disrespectful to the students, teachers and other parents and also creates disturbance at the venue. This experience led us to set the following rules for the audience:

  1. Parents cannot leave the venue in the middle of a performance. Exit will be prohibited once you enter. Security will be posted at each venue. Kindly cooperate with the staff and treat them with respect.
  2. Parents of Grade 3 and 4 students (except Drums and Guitar) are expected to be seated at the venue by 8:25 am.
  3. Parents of Grade 5 and 6 students are expected to be seated at the venue by 11:25 am.
  4. Parents will be not allowed to enter a venue once the performance has started.
  5. RFID card will be checked at the school entry and exit.

Wish you all a happy celebration of learning…!!! Thank you.