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Raconteur Calling!

Raconteur Calling!

Dear Raconteurs,

We thank each one of you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and ideas and making our school magazine a literary piece of art! A loud shout out to all who made it possible!

Our ideas keep changing, developing and modifying with each passing moment and we don’t want any of these to just drift by.

So let’s get going! We want to ensure that parents and students get optimum time to write for their favorite magazine. However, as mentioned in the previous blog post, we have quite a few precious pieces left with us which we are planning to take up in the April issue. So, the number of days for submission and the number of topics have been reduced for this time.

We have shortlisted a few topics to give you a starting point, but you are free to write on any topic of your choice. You can choose to compose a poem, write an article or create a poster/artwork. Parent articles are welcome in Hindi/Gujarati as well. (No hard copies will be accepted)

The topics are:


  • Planning a Vacation
  • If I could be a/an …..
  • My Promises To the New Year
  • Book/s I have Read Again and Again
  • What’s in a Name?
  • Dealing With Peer Pressure
  • Coding- The Language Of Future
  • Elections are the Best Test for Democracy
  • My Favorite Catchphrase
  • Words I Misspell the Most
  • Poetry- Few Words More Expressions
  • Living In a Selfless World


Points to ponder while writing/submitting articles:

  • All entries to be submitted in Google doc format ONLY to Entries shared in any other format will be rejected. Word limit for articles – 300 words.
  • At least 60% of your write up should be original. If you have used any outside source, please be sure to add all the references / links in the footnote of the article.
  • We will not be publishing more than 1 article/poem per student/parent.
  • Do not share articles published earlier on personal blogs.
  • We request parents to send original work done by their child as we want to keep the essence of  thoughts that play in a child’s mind. Parents can check their child’s work, in terms of spellings and grammar but please retain the words used by your child.
  • In case of parent article, mention your full name, child’s name, grade and section at the end of the article.
  • Parent photos should be sent as a passport sized jpeg file. No selfies.
  • Posters/Artwork should be in A4 size only. Kindly mention name, grade and section on the flipside of the poster.
  • Entries to be mailed from school mail id only. Entries sent from personal email ids will be rejected.
  • Scanned images/posters/artwork should be in high resolution.
  • Any communication with the Raconteur team should be addressed to  Please do not email the editors on their school email id.

Please note that we will try to publish as many articles as we can but due to space constraints we might not be able to publish all articles that are submitted.

Disclaimer: Selection of an article is at editor’s discretion.


The last date for submission is 25th December, 2018.


Looking forward to receiving your entries.


Raconteur Team.


Rasoi se Rishton Tak!

Rasoi se Rishton Tak!

Did you know that:

Your body is a chemical factory: from hormones to minerals to vitamins, a lot of reactions happen in your body that you may not be aware of?

Did you know that:

Your kitchen is a laboratory: when you set curd, make pickles, deep fry, or simply help yourself to a glass of water, every action of yours has a reaction in your body?

Know more about how your simple rasoda and the choices you make there can positively impact your wellbeing by attending the lecture Rasoi se Rishton tak.

Date: 6th December 2018
Time: 10:30 am to 11:30 am
Venue: Pulse


Ms. Rekha Diwekar

Ms. Rekha Diwekar has a rich experience of 35 years teaching Chemistry in college. Post her retirement, she started speaking about Chemistry in the kitchen by combining her knowledge of Chemistry and her passion for kitchen related activities. Since then, she has spoken at prestigious forums like Kala Ghoda Festival, given talks for corporates in Mumbai and Pune and had spoken at many clubs, schools, colleges, ladies club, senior citizen forums in India, UK, USA and Kenya.

So parents, grab the opportunity and attend the session. Click on the following link and fill the form to confirm your presence.

Link: Rasoi se Rishton Tak!

University Fair @ 3rd Dec, 2018

University Fair @ 3rd Dec, 2018

Dear Students,

We have arranged a Career Fair for students where 16 universities from India, USA, UK, and Canada are participating. At this fair, there will be representatives from the Universities and colleges coming to our school. It will give interested students an opportunity to interact with the University representatives directly. It is mandatory for Grade 10, 11 & 12 students to attend this fair. 

Please note that meeting the university representative does not mean that your child is bound to take admission to these universities. The aim is to get immediate personalized responses to your questions, finding out more about the programs and funding opportunities, and getting an idea of the application process – all reasons to attend in person, rather than just stick to online research. Attending a university fair is also an opportunity to get a better idea of what university admissions officers are looking for. Admission officers share what they look for when assessing applications, what common mistakes to avoid, and how to go the extra mile to make yourself stand out among others applying for the same seat in the university!

Date of the Event: 3rd Dec, 2018

Venue: Stall set up by Universities – Hippodrome
Time: 1.30 pm to 3.05 pm (Please reach the venue on time).

The following universities are participating in the fair:

Schedule of the day:

There will be stalls for these universities where you can meet the representatives and can ask specific questions related to the courses that the university is offering or any other detail about the university. We are expecting one representative per university from the following institutions.

Students are requested to browse the websites of the universities beforehand and prepare their questions accordingly. The representatives will be handing out a booklet containing pertinent information / a one-page snapshot of each of the participating institutions. They will also be handing out some general handouts which have further information about the benefits of studying in their universities.

Surely, it will be an informative and valuable session for students. Parents of students who are really interested in sending their child(ren) to any of these universities for further education or if they just want to meet university representatives to get some information are invited (strongly recommended) to attend the fair with prior information (send an email at


Career Counseling Team

FSMUN 2018

FSMUN 2018

Hello Delegates!

Since FSMUN is just around the corner (1st and 2nd December), here are all details required:


Day 1 – 1st December 2018




Registration Desk

Assembly (Rendezvous)

07:15 am – 07:45 am

Opening Ceremony

Y Box

07:45 am – 09:00 am


Block 3 Dining Area (Bon-Appetit)

09:00 am – 09:20 am

1st Committee Session

Grade 10 Wing

09:30 am – 12:30 pm

Lunch and Photo Shoot

Lunch – Block 3 Dining Area (Bon-Appetit) Photo Shoot – Amphitheatre

12:30 pm – 01:15 pm

2nd Committee Session

Grade 10 Wing

01:15 pm – 04:00 pm

High Tea

Block 3 Dining Area (Bon-Appetit)

04:00 pm – 04:30 pm

3rd Committee Session

Grade 10 Wing

04:30 pm – 06:30 pm

Break (To change clothes before Socials)

Block 5 and 6 ground floor restrooms

06:30 pm – 07:00 pm

Socials (Refreshments)


07:00 pm – 08:30 pm


Block 3 Dining Area (Bon-Appetit)

08:30 pm – 09:00 pm


Buses will be parked in front of Block 3 and 4 Near the Assembly Area

09:15 pm

Day 2 – 2nd December 2018





Block 3 Dining Area (Bon-Appetit)

09:00 am – 09:30 am

4th Committee Session

Grade 10 Wing

09:30 am – 12:30 pm


Block 3 Dining Area (Bon-Appetit)

12:30 pm – 01:30 pm

5th Committee Session

Grade 10 Wing

01:30 pm – 04:00 pm

High Tea

Block 3 Dining Area (Bon-Appetit)

04:00 pm – 04:15 pm

Closing Ceremony


04:20 pm – 05:20 pm


Buses will be parked in front of Block 3 and 4

Near the Assembly Area

05:30 pm

All food will be provided by the school.

Bus routes:

We advise delegates to read the rules of procedure before coming:

The dress code is STRICTLY WESTERN FORMAL on both days of the conference. NO DENIM/JEANS or T-SHIRTS ARE PERMITTED. Those that wish to wear dresses or skirts, please note that the length of the skirt/dress should not be shorter than one hand horizontally above the knee. Similarly, the neckline of shirts should not be too low. It is recommended that all delegates wear blazers.

This is what is expected:

This dress code does not apply for Socials, where delegates will be given time change.

Please note, those with their PTC on the dates of the conference will be allowed to go and attend their meetings as long as they return to the committee as soon as the meeting is over.

We will also be offering Roseograms on Dec 1st, and if delegates wish to send roses, they may carry along money.

Delegates will be allowed to use electronics during the conference however during committee sessions, they will not be permitted to access the internet. If they are found doing so, they will not be permitted to use their devices in any further committee sessions.

We will also be posting newsletters on both days of the conference. They can be found on our website along with all other information regarding the conference:

For any queries, you may reach us at or contact Ananya Jain ( /8154999533) or Ruhan Desai ( / 9537938008).

Fountainhead School.
Senior School Sports Day 2018-19

Senior School Sports Day 2018-19

Dear Parents,

It’s time for the day filled with fervor and exhilaration, amidst thrills and cheers.

Sports day at FS has always been a hugely competitive but fun event, as the four Houses battle it out for the House trophy.

Considering the feedback received by students and parents, this year we have decided to change the format of sports day where the students will have fun activities and will compete across sections of their respective grades during the sports day.

While the students demonstrate their competitive games talent against the opponents from other teams, we also encourage the best athletic skill in each student. There will be an athletic event, where interested athletes can strive to achieve their goals. During the annual Athletic meet, students across Grade 5 to Grade 12  will get an opportunity to showcase their strength and ability in various athletics. The students who have qualified as finalists will compete for their place.

This change has been brought so that we can ensure maximum participation during the sports day. It is mandatory for all students to attend Sports Day.

The dates for the Sports Day are changed and the new schedule is as follows:

Grade 7 & 8:    12th December 2018 from 8:30 onward

Grade 9 to 12: 11th December 2018 from 8:30 onward

The dates for “Athletic Meet” will be shared soon.


Fountainhead School