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Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that, grade 1 onwards students are bifurcated into different houses. Given below is the house-wise student list. Please note that uniform T-shirt as per the allotted house is mandatory. There is no change in the allocation until the child remains in school. The four houses at FS are:

Unity (Green) Dignity (White) Liberty (Orange) Integrity (Yellow)

Please refer to the list before buying new uniforms (School T-shirt).

Student ID Student Name House
FSK2017017 Aadya Chawla Unity
FSK2016210 Aagney Patel Unity
FSK2017018 Aarav Arora Dignity
FSK2018198 Aariana Samnani Liberty
FSK2017020 Aarinee Patel Integrity
FSK2017021 Aarit Chheda Dignity
FSK2017022 Aarna Shah Unity
FSK2017023 Aarohi Koshiya Dignity
FSK2017024 Aarush Shah Liberty
FSK2017025 Aashka Mashruwala Liberty
FSK2017026 Abhigya Jain Integrity
FSK2017027 Adwitta Tibrewala Unity
FSK2017028 Anaisha Mittal Dignity
FSK2016158 Ananya Jain Liberty
FSK2017029 Ananyaa Lapsiwala Integrity
FSK2017030 Anushka Rakholiya Unity
FSK2016001 Anvika Kabra Dignity
FSK2017031 Aradhya Basotia Liberty
FSK2017019 Aradhya Harlalka Integrity
FSK2017032 Arjun Daga Dignity
FSK2017239 Arsh Patel Intergrity
FSK2017035 Aryan Aggrawal Unity
FSK2017034 Aryan Basotia Dignity
FSK2017037 Ayaan Arora Liberty
FSK2017038 Ayaan Lunia Liberty
FSK2017039 Ayaan Patel Intergrity
FSK2017040 Ayanna Chawla Integrity
FSK2018237 Ayra Lakhani Unity
FSK2017041 Azaan Hamid Unity
FSK2017043 Bhargav Bavadiya Dignity
FSK2017044 Charvi Kherajani Dignity
FSK2017045 Devansh Bansal Liberty
FSK2017046 Devanshi Bansal Liberty
FSK2016011 Dhairya Aswani Intergrity
FSK2017047 Dhanve Goyal Integrity
FSK2017048 Dhiaan Desai Unity
FSK2017049 Dhivaan Dhameliya Dignity
FSK2016004 Dhruva Patel Unity
FSK2016215 Dhveer Dharia Liberty
FSK2017050 Dhyana Shah Dignity
FSK2016026 Dhyanaa Patel Liberty
FSK2017051 Dhyey Gediya Intergrity
FSK2017052 Dishant Shah Unity
FSK2017053 Divam Shah Dignity
FSK2017054 Divena Bansal Integrity
FSK2017055 Divyam Savani Liberty
FSK2016010 Divyesh Bhuyan Intergrity
FSK2017056 Diya Mehta Unity
FSK2016179 Diya Uttamchandani Dignity
FSK2016003 Drashy Gajjar Unity
FSK2017170 Dravya Harkhani Dignity
FSK2017157 Ethan Lakhani Liberty
FSK2017057 Evaan Jain Intergrity
FSK2017058 Hannah Taneja Liberty
FSK2017059 Harshiv Bodawala Unity
FSK2017060 Heli Gandhi Integrity
FSK2017061 Henny Rathod Unity
FSK2017063 Hiranshi Soni Dignity
FSK2017064 Hitansh Baid Dignity
FSK2017065 Hridaan Thakkar Liberty
FSK2017066 Hridan Patel Intergrity
FSK2017067 Hridiya Patel Liberty
FSK2017068 Hrihaan Modi Unity
FSK2016006 Hryday Ruchandani Dignity
FSK2017069 Hunarr Randeria Integrity
FSK2017223 Ish Dholakia Liberty
FSK2017228 Isha Vaghasiya Unity
FSK2017070 Ishi Contractor Dignity
FSK2018179 Jaiman Majmudar Intergrity
FSK2017071 Jash Doshi Unity
FSK2017072 Jhalak Kewlani Liberty
FSK2017073 Jiana Surana Integrity
FSK2017074 Jihan Jariwala Dignity
FSK2017075 Jihva Wadiwala Unity
FSK2017152 Jinesha Jain Dignity
FSK2018206 Kahan Patel Liberty
FSK2017076 Kaira Kanodia Liberty
FSK2017077 Kardam Dhola Intergrity
FSK2016009 Kashvi Bagra Integrity
FSK2017078 Kianna Doshi Unity
FSK2017079 Kiara Thakar Dignity
FSK2017080 Kinaya Vij Liberty
FSK2017081 Kiyaan Khivesara Unity
FSK2017082 Kiyansh Khurana Dignity
FSK2017083 Krisha Sheth Integrity
FSK2017084 Krishiv Moradia Liberty
FSK2016002 Krishiv Virani Intergrity
FSK2017085 Kriza Malani Unity
FSK2017086 Kshipra Trivedi Dignity
FSK2017088 Kyra Patel Integrity
FSK2017089 Labdhi Bothra Unity
FSK2017090 Laisha Bansal Dignity
FSK2017091 Maadhav Dalmia Unity
FSK2017092 Maan Datwani Dignity
FSK2017093 Mahip Agarwala Liberty
FSK2017095 Mann Mulchandani Intergrity
FSK2017096 Mantra Patel Unity
FSK2017097 Mantrey Narola Dignity
FSK2017098 Mehaan Narang Liberty
FSK2017100 Mishka Thumar Liberty
FSK2017101 Muhammad Raihan Patel Intergrity
FSK2017102 Mukti Patel Integrity
FSK2016180 Myra Diwan Unity
FSK2017103 Mysha Jalan Dignity
FSK2017104 Naksh Vishnani Unity
FSK2017105 Navaansh Mehta Dignity
FSK2017106 Nayonika Chawla Liberty
FSK2017107 Naysha Agrawal Integrity
FSK2017237 Nihar Goti Liberty
FSK2017109 Nishkaa Choksi Unity
FSK2017110 Nivaan Tailor Intergrity
FSK2017111 Nyusha Virani Dignity
FSK2017154 Prabir Aswani Unity
FSK2016008 Praneel Desai Liberty
FSK2017112 Prayag Shah Dignity
FSK2017115 Pritish Maheshwari Liberty
FSK2017192 Priyansh Agrawal Intergrity
FSK2017116 Purvansh Bisani Unity
FSK2016005 Raadhya Goyal Unity
FSK2017117 Reet Chandak Dignity
FSK2017119 Reyansh Chandak Dignity
FSK2017120 Riddhi Hirawat Liberty
FSK2017121 Ridham Kachiwala Liberty
FSK2017122 Risha Agarwal Integrity
FSK2017123 Ruhie Dastur Unity
FSK2016196 Saavi Bhutra Dignity
FSK2017125 Safal Madalia Intergrity
FSK2017126 Saisha Pillai Liberty
FSK2017127 Samar Lakhani Unity
FSK2017129 Savit Jalan Dignity
FSK2017130 Shanaya Sanghai Integrity
FSK2017131 Sheevansh Patel Liberty
FSK2017132 Shivansh Nathani Intergrity
FSK2017212 Shivarth Desai Unity
FSK2016156 Shlok Lal Dignity
FSK2017133 Shreeya Brahmbhatt Unity
FSK2017134 Shrisha Sukhadiya Dignity
FSK2017135 Siya Solanki Liberty
FSK2017136 Suhaan Shah Liberty
FSK2017137 Swara Savani Integrity
FSK2017138 Tanaya Shah Unity
FSK2017139 Tanishka Desai Dignity
FSK2016007 Utkarsh Mashruwala Intergrity
FSK2017140 Vadanya Juneja Unity
FSK2017141 Vanya Mulchandani Liberty
FSK2016207 Veda Naik Integrity
FSK2017142 Vedant Bardolia Dignity
FSK2017144 Viha Bulia Unity
FSK2017143 Viha Shah Dignity
FSK2017145 Vihaana Patel Liberty
FSK2017147 Vivaan Agarwal Liberty
FSK2017146 Vivaan Agrawal Intergrity
FSK2017148 Vivaan Jain Unity
FSK2017185 Yahviraj Mashruwala Dignity
FSK2017149 Yashica Shah Integrity
FSK2017150 Ziyaan Jariwala Liberty
FSK2017151 Zoey Chugh Unity
Important changes in Uniform policy for 2019-20

Important changes in Uniform policy for 2019-20

Dear Parents and Students,

Based on feedback from various stakeholders, we have made a few changes in the school uniform policy. You must refer to the attachment to understand the policy in detail, and the reasons for the changes along with the reference images. The key changes are mentioned briefly here:

  • Track Pants (unicolour – dark greys, navy blue or black) are allowed any time during the year. School trousers will no longer be available. However, anyone wishing to use any existing pair can do so. For Senior School students, for labs and for field trips, track pants or the old school trousers are necessary.
  • Shoes and socks of any colour are now allowed. Students of ALL grades can now bring their own bags. Those shoes, socks and bags with any graphics such as cartoon prints, characters or symbols from TV, movies or books or shoes with light or sound ARE NOT ALLOWED. For Early Years students, only velcro shoes are allowed.
  • New sports specific shorts have been introduced in the school store based on the feedback from the students and coaches.
  • For PS classes, students can dress according to the requirement of their chosen sport which meets these two requirements: (a) Other than the regular items specified above, students can wear those jerseys or bottoms that have been made for a school-specific tournament (for e.g. inter-school football, basketball team, school Ultimate Frisbee teams, district or state teams). (b) These cannot be worn during PE or any other class. It is the student’s responsibility to change to school uniform after the PS classes.

The revised uniform policy has been summarized in the attached Infographic. If you are unclear about an update, refer to the detailed uniform policy 

Where what will be available and it’s pricing for 2019-20 session:

Uniform details Size/Price Available at Available from
School T-shirt

20, 22 &  24 – Rs. 350

26, 28 & 30    – Rs. 375

32 & 34          – Rs. 400

36 & 38          – Rs. 425

40 & 42          – Rs. 450

44                  – Rs. 475

School Zone- City light

℅ Saraswati Book House,

Bungalow No -9, Shyam Kunj, Krishna Vatika Society, Nr. Meghna Park, Opp. Rani Sati Motors, (diagonally opp. Suzuki Showroom) Citylight Road. Surat

1st March 2019
House T-shirt

Rs. 480 – 580 as per size

(House T-shirts need to be pre-ordered through the Nucleus Mobile App or Web login at The form is available in Request Forms > House T-shirt Form)

Fountainhead School Stores 10th  June onwards
School shorts To meet the requirement of various sports, new shorts with better material is being added to the existing Vega Shorts:

  • Vega shorts:  Rs. 400
  • Sportiff Rs. 680 (longer shorts with net)
  • Sportiff Rs. 600 (longer shorts without net)
Fountainhead School Stores 10th June onwards
Track pants, shoes, socks, bags Need to buy from outside as per student requirement and choice (which meet the guidelines given in the revised uniform policy)


Fountainhead School        

Last Day Party!

Last Day Party!

Dear Parents,

Please note that early years students will have the potluck party during their Home Meal Break (10:40 am to 11:10 am). Sorry for the inconvenience.


Fountainhead School

Last Day Party!

Last Day Party!

Vacation should begin with good memories and here we are to celebrate the culmination of this academic year. So, mommies get on your toes as the potluck is due on 26th April 2019, Friday. Follow the food policy as applicable on the last Wednesday of the month.

Don’t send a lot, but just enough to share with 4-5 peers. Note that the students need to come in school uniform.  

Students will have the potluck party during their Home Meal Break (8:35 am to 8:55 am)


Fountainhead School

Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) of PYP (EY to Grade 6) on Saturday, 27th April 2019

Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) of PYP (EY to Grade 6) on Saturday, 27th April 2019

Dear Parent,

The culminating Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) of term 2 for the academic year 2018-19 is scheduled on Saturday, 27th April 2019. The HRTs have shared the appointment slots, kindly book an appointment for your preferred slot. The reports will be shared by the HRT latest by 25th April. Please go through the same and in case of any query/concern, you may speak to the respective teacher on the day of PTC.

Please note that the single subject teachers will also be available on the PTC day. Parents interested in meeting the Single Subject teachers can do so with a prior appointment through Daily Diary/Nucleus.


Single subject teachers will be available at the following venues:

  • Indian Language Team (ILT): Junior Library (Block 3, First Floor)
  • Physical Education Team (PE):  Pulse (Block 1, First Floor)
  • Arts Team: Senior Library (Block 3, First Floor)



Fountainhead School.

Highlights of the week : 15th to 19th April

Highlights of the week : 15th to 19th April

Dear parents,

Circle Time:


Revision of:

Good morning dear earth
Each like a petal, of one great flower

Cling Ding Ding, The summer bells now ring

Days are longer, sunshine’s stronger

Phonological Awareness :
Revision of initial consonant blends.

Read aloud: Sr. KG monthly book list.

Closing circle story: Literate and illiterate.
Handwork :  Stiching

Art work : Cleaning the class

UOI : Celebrations

Transdisciplinary theme: How we express ourselves
Central idea: Celebrations and traditions are expressions of shared beliefs and values.  
TDT connection with the central idea was done through class discussions.


Dodging of number names.

Writing of Days of the week in the notebook.
Guided play : Skip -O- square :- Revision of skip count by 2

                         Roll and add :- Revision of addition


Picture composition
Framing sentences

Choral reading of Jolly Phonics readers.
Guided play : Revision medial sounds (o ,oa, or, i ,ie)

Math:  Workbook pages 44 and 58.
Language:  Reading worksheets

Have a great weekend!!!


Sr KG Team