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Homework – 19/3/2019

Homework – 19/3/2019


Do the following tasks in your Math notebook

Task a) Charmi went to a restaurant and ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and a Veg sizzler.  How much amount did she pay to the restaurant for the dishes she has chosen?


Food item Price
Pani puri Rs.90
Veg sizzler Rs.695
Manchurian (dry) Rs.195
Grilled cheese sandwich Rs. 235

Task b) Write days of the week.

Task c) Write name of all the months.


Grade 1 Team


Book Review/Retell

Book Review/Retell

Dear parent,

The celebration of our students’ reading habits will be concluded with the last Book Review/Retell for this academic session.

Students are challenged to read 1 book each month related to different genres independently. (Parents read for grade 1 and grade 2). Once a book is read, students give a book talk, share a retell/review of the book with their peers, HRT and in some cases with the volunteer parents.

We are also looking for parent volunteers to be a part of the Reading Club and witness book talk/ retell/ review of book read, given by our students.

Book Review/ retell/ talk, will be happening during school assembly slot on 29th March 2019 i.e Day 2 between 8:55 am-9:45 a.m.

Interested parents need to fill up the form latest by 24th March 2019

Link: Book Review/Retell

If you are a reader, if reading is your first love, then share your love, click that button and fill up the form!

Parents, “Let’s do something today that our future will thank us for as “Today a Reader tomorrow a Leader”

In case of any query, send an email to the Language Coordinator:


Fountainhead School

Theater Camp Drama Performance: The Jungle Book

Theater Camp Drama Performance: The Jungle Book

Dear Parents,

We are delighted to invite you for a student-initiated act ‘The Jungle Book ‘. This act is a presentation of our students’ hard work and efforts. Through this drama, you will witness not only the hidden talent of our students but also the skills that they have acquired during their training sessions in our school, imparted by the facilitators. Therefore, to encourage our young talented artists, please join us on:

Date: 22nd March 2019, Friday.

Timing: 8:45 PM to 9:45: PM (Entry start at 8:30 PM)

Venue: Performing Arts Centre, L.P. Savani Road, Pal, Adajan, Surat.

Note: It is an open event and tickets will be allotted on a first come first serve basis. Interested parents need to click here for tickets.

*Tickets are not chargeable.

*The last date for availing the tickets is 21st March 2019.

Highlights of the week – 11th March – 15th March, 2019 and Homework

Highlights of the week – 11th March – 15th March, 2019 and Homework

[Circle Time]

  • Life class activities were conducted during morning circle.
  • Recitation of poetry was done.   



  • Students enhanced their reading, writing and comprehension skills using the Empowering English book.
  • Listening comprehension was done.
  • Dictation was given.
  • Formative assessment was conducted.



  • Revision of calendar, time, addition, subtraction word problems was done through learning centres.
  • Introduction of the concept ‘Estimation and round off’ was done.


Unit of Inquiry            

  • The unit was culminated with the research on life cycle of a living thing chosen by students.



  • Complete the given mixed bag worksheet.
  • Read page no. 8 & 9 from the reading booklet.


Dictation words:





Grade 1 Team.

Today’s homework – 14/3/2019

Today’s homework – 14/3/2019


Empowering English: Chapter 17 Spidy and friends

1.Complete Q.1 Match the pictures given on pg. no 87.

2.Complete Q.4 Underline and mark nouns and adjectives given on pg. no 87.

3.Complete Q.2 Match the columns given on pg no. 88.

4.Complete Q.4 Combine letters and endings given on pg no. 88 and 89

Language with ease:

Complete Week 18 day 2 given on pg no. 89.


Grade 1 team:)

Important note regarding field trip

Important note regarding field trip

Dear parents,

This is to inform you that Grade 1 will be going for field trips to gain more understanding about various processes involved in the finished products in context of the ongoing  unit of inquiry- “How We Organize Ourselves”. These trips will be for 2 to 3 hours during the school hours itself, hence extra tiffin are not needed. However, we request you to send  stomach filling breakfast during these particular days. Apart from the regular tiffin, you can also send fruits or dry snacks as per policy, if you wish.

Please make sure that your child is present on these days as the major part of learning is based on these trips.

Kindly note the dates for the field trips:

18th March- Visit to Breadliner to understand the process of flour products

20th March- Visit to Sumul dairy to understand the process of milk products.

(Note: In case if your ward is not well or has fever during the above mentioned day, then please avoid sending him/her to school.)


Grade 1 team.


Grade 1 Hindi Highlights and Homework, Cycle 29 ( 13 -3-19)

Grade 1 Hindi Highlights and Homework, Cycle 29 ( 13 -3-19)

कक्षाकार्य :
अभ्यास पुस्तक के पेज नंबर ५२,५३ और ५४ (52,53 और 54) से ‘ए- े और ऐ- ै’ के शब्द, ड़ वर्ण और शब्द पहेली करवाया गया |
शब्दों का श्रुतलेखन लिया गया |

गृहकार्य :
-वाचन पुस्तिका के पेज नंबर ८ और ९ (8 और 9 ) से शब्दों का वाचन करें |
-अभ्यास पुस्तक के पेज नंबर ५१ (51) में दिए गए वर्णों को ‘ऐ- ै ‘ की मात्रा लगा कर लिखें और दिए गए शब्दों से चित्र बनाएँ |

नोट :

-सभी अभिभावकों से निवेदन है कि बच्चों के साथ कोई भी एक हिंदी की कहानी ज़रूर पढ़े |
-बच्चों को नोटबुक में HW, Date और अक्षरों को छोटा लिखने के लिए प्रेरित करें |
-हिंदी की पुस्तकें गुरुवार को कक्षा में जमा करवाएँ |