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Last week celebration

Last week celebration

Dear parents,   

As you all are aware that we are heading towards the end of Grade 1 journey. Hence, to make their last few days memorable we have planned some fun filled activities. Kindly go through the schedule for the last week given below and send the things as mentioned on the respective days.

Date Event

Things to carry



Indoor play time. Send  indoor board games.



Summer coolers Students can bring drinks like fresh fruit juice , Lemonade, Buttermilk (chhaas), Aam panna, homemade shakes etc.



Potluck party   


Home-made food as per last Wednesday food policy.

PS: Packet Food and chocolates (though homemade) are not allowed under any circumstances.

Please send food only for 2  – 4 people extra as we do not want wastage of food.


Grade 1 team:)

Clarifications about School timings and Elections-related holidays

Clarifications about School timings and Elections-related holidays

Dear Parents,

This note will address two recent announcements about the change in timings and the election-related holidays.


1.Regarding the change in timings of the school:

We delayed the start of the PYP and SS programs by 15 min. In response to this change, we have not received any response from the vast majority of parents.

However, we have received requests from 9 students (5 parents) for a swap in timings of PYP (Grade 1 to 6) and SS (Grade 7 to 12). The reason given is that a swap of the timings will give the PYP students more time to sleep and the SS students more time in the afternoon and evening for activities and coaching classes. We have maintained through the years that the reason for starting the SS later is that as children enter into the teen years, they tend to sleep later for multiple reasons (studying, social, biological). Therefore asking them to wake up early is likely to have adverse effects of their health.

While we don’t see any significant advantage with the swap in timings, we see consequential disadvantages of an upheaval of schedule for all the students including the vast majority who have not reacted to this change as well the loss of sleep and impact the health of SS students.

Therefore, we are sticking to the change as announced. We had also proposed a change in the timings for the Early Years students pending logistics for which we ran trial routes from April 9 to 12. We are happy to announce that the trial was successful. These are the final timings for students next year:


New Timings from June 2019
Grades Starts Ends

Early Years*

(Nursery to Sr. KG)

08:45 am 02:00 pm

Primary Years

(Grade 1 to Grade 6)

07:30 am 02:00 pm

Senior School

(Grade 7 to Grade 12)

08:45 am 03:30 pm

*Nursery and Jr KG students will be leaving earlier in the initial period. A separate note will be sent to the relevant parents for the same.


2. Regarding the holidays on 22-23 April due to Lok Sabha Elections:

The holidays are as announced for 22-23 April for students. The school buses have been requisitioned by the district authorities for the conduct of elections for both days (for logistical management of the EVMs and the election staff). Therefore both days are holidays. For the PYP and Early Years, we chose not to compensate (unlike previous years) because it’s the end of the year and curriculum requirements have been met already. For SS, there’s no need to compensate because the exam schedule was changed to accommodate the 2 holidays. We are clarifying this so that the reasoning is clear and that a precedent isn’t assumed for similar future events.



Fountainhead School

G-1 Hindi Highlights and Homework Cycle 33 (17-4-19)

G-1 Hindi Highlights and Homework Cycle 33 (17-4-19)

कक्षाकार्य :
-वर्णों और मात्राओं का पुनरावर्तन करवाया गया |

गृहकार्य :

नीचे दी गई link से ‘ए े’ और ‘ऐ ै’ की मात्रा का Video दिखाएँ और दिए गए शब्दों को दोहराएँ |

Homework – 16/4/2019

Homework – 16/4/2019

Do the following tasks in your Math notebook:

Task 1:  Arrange the numbers in ascending order:

a) 789, 105, 798, 501

b) 321, 123, 231, 312

Task 2: Create your own number pattern:

a) 878 , ________, ________, ________, ________

Task 3:  Arrange the numbers in descending order:

a) 481, 788, 887, 841

b) 989, 898, 901,878

Task 4: Write all the even numbers starting from 580 to 600.


Grade 1 Team

PS selection 2019-20

PS selection 2019-20

Dear Parents,


As you are aware, Fountainhead School gives a lot of emphasis to Arts and Sports. To this end, the school offers a variety of arts and sports segments for students to choose in what is called their AS and PS slot.  The school envisions that every child will choose one art and one sport specialty and pursue this stream consistently over a few years to achieve a certain level of competency in it. AS is available as an option from Grade 3 onwards and PS is available from Grade 2 onwards. We are sending the form to confirm your child’s selection for the academic year 2019-20.

The form will be available at and the Nucleus Mobile app (through your parents login).


Kindly read the choices available for your child’s grade and then fill the form in consultation with your child. You can submit the form only once. If you still want to change the preference later, you will need to send an email to However, such requests will be put at a lower priority over those who have filled their preference through the form.


  • Kindly fill up both the AS & PS selection form.
  • Everyone will need to mark two preferences in case the first preference is oversubscribed.
  • We will try to expand the offerings wherever the demand is high but there will be some limitations. On the other hand, in case of offerings where there are few takers, we may have to remove some offerings.
  • In case there’s oversubscription (more interested students than seats available) then confirmation will be given in the following order:
  1. Have paid the AS amount by 20th April (for paid options).
  2. After considering the payment status (if required), if there are more students than seats, then the allocation will be done by draw of lots (applies to both AS & PS).
  • Where there are new offerings for a grade, a brief description has been added. In case you wish to know more, please write to us at
  • The last date for filling up the form is 12th April, 2019, after which, if the form remains unfilled, thet AS/PS selection will be allocated where possible, otherwise the school will assign any of the options based on availability.
  • The AS fee needs to be paid (where applicable) by PayTM by June 30th, 2019,  as it will not be included in the tuition fees, otherwise the student will be asked to stop attending that particular AS.


For details of AS segments visit Art and Design


Art and Design activity Paid/Unpaid Grades
Guitar Paid 3 to 10
Dance Education Program (Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Street Jazz, Hip hop) Paid 3 to 10
Drums Paid 3 to 10
Keyboard Paid 3 to 10
Cooking Paid 5 to 12
Makers Paid 5 to 10
Trinity- Speech and Drama and Communication skills Paid 3 to 10
Visual Arts (Drawing/Craft) Paid 3 to 12
Dance (Indian and Western Folk dance/ hip-hop/ Bollywood) Unpaid 3 to 6
Dance: We have expanded Folk Dance offering to include Indian and international folk dances and some modern dance forms like Locking, popping, b-boying, contemporary, hip-hop, break-dance, krumping and fusion, Hand tutting & finger tutting, robot, lyrical hip hop Unpaid 7 to 10
Vocals (Light vocals: Indian and Western music) Unpaid 3 to 10
Drama Unpaid 3 to 10
Bharatnatyam Unpaid 3 to 6
Digital Media (photography and filmmaking) Unpaid 7 to 12
Kathak (Indian classical dance form) Unpaid 3 to 6


New AS offerings for academic year 2019-20



Trinity College London is an International Exam Board which gives a globally recognized certificate.

We shall be offering classes for preparation of Trinity Guildhall Examinations in Speech & Drama/ Communication Skills.  These sessions would play a vital role in exploring the child’s talent, nurturing the growth of creative expressions and developing self-confidence and performing abilities.

*Exams will be conducted twice a year and examination fees will be charged extra according to the level the student’s ability. For more detail check the below link.


From Grade 3 to 10
Dance (Indian and international Folk dance/ hip-hop/ Bollywood): We have expanded Folk Dance offering to include Indian and international folk dances and some modern dance forms like, Locking, popping, b-boying, contemporary, hip-hop, break-dance, krumping and fusion, Hand tutting & finger tutting, robot, lyrical hip hop From Grade 7 to 10
Kathak (Indian classical dance form) From Grade 3 to 6


Personal Sports (PS) Offering for the year 2019-2020:-


Activity Minimum Per Grade Maximum Per Grade Grade
Table Tennis 5 16 4 to 12
Taekwondo 5 15 2 to 10
Basketball 8 60 2 to 12
Gymnastics 5 20 2 to 9
Ultimate Frisbee 8 No Limit 4 to 12
Football 8 No Limit 2 to 12
Athletics and Sports Climbing (rock climbing) 5 12 2 to 8
Sports Climbing 5 12 9
Skating 5 35 2 to 8
Handball 8 20 4 to 10
Wilderness and Outdoor Adventure 5 5 10
Volleyball 8 15 11 & 12




Fountainhead School