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FSMUN 2019

FSMUN 2019

Dear Students,

We invite applications for the selection of the Secretariat for Fountainhead School Model United Nations 2019-20. We are looking for students who are willing to grab this opportunity and become part of the Secretariat of the 6th Edition of this Event.

The following are the positions and responsibilities.

1. Secretary General:

Acts as the head of the conference, this person has the responsibility to find the correct Executive Board members for this event, as well as keep a tab on the study guide and the overall academics of the conference.

  1. Under Secretary General for Conference Management:

This position is critical to the success of the conference because s/he oversees every logistical aspect of the conference that includes setup of rooms, signage for delegates, registration, making sure that copies of draft resolutions are disseminated to delegates during Committee proceedings. Another area of focus is the Management of the Organizing Committee during the conference.

  1. Under Secretary General for Communications & Public Relations:

Responsibility to raise the visibility of the conference by managing all delegate affairs and being in charge of social media. Also has to focus on promoting the conference and searching for delegates across the city and state and handling all delegate registrations and queries before the conference.

  1. Under Secretary General for Economic & Social Affairs:

Creating Study guides alongside the chairperson/s and engaging in content management for the conference. Will be responsible for the thorough implementation of the Rules of Procedure and is responsible for aiding in topic selection.

Final date to fill the form is 10th April 2019.

An interview will be conducted on soon after forms are filled.

In case of any concern/query, kindly feel free to reach us at or


Events Team

Fountainhead School


Timings for the Academic Year 2019-20

Timings for the Academic Year 2019-20

Dear Parents,

Based on internal feedback, we are making a small change in the school timings from June 2019.

Current Timings till May 2019
Grades Starts Ends Duration(Hrs)
Primary Years (Grade 1 to Grade 6) 07:15 am 01:45 pm 06:30
Senior School  (Grade 7 to Grade 12) 08:30 am 03:15 pm 06:45


New Timings from June 2019
Grades Starts Ends



Duration & Timings Change

Primary Years

(Grade 1 to Grade 6)

07:30 am 02:00 pm 06:30

Same duration as above

Students both arrive and depart 15 mins late

Senior School

(Grade 7 to Grade 12)

08:45 am 03:30 pm 06:45

We believe that a slightly later time will be beneficial for all the stakeholders (students, parents and staff), giving everyone some more time in the morning. The departure is shifted only by 15 mins thereby not causing any significant concerns.

As usual, the bus routes for the new academic year will be shared by the last week of May 2019.


Fountainhead School

AS/PS offerings 2019/2020

AS/PS offerings 2019/2020

Dear Parents,


As you are aware that Fountainhead School offers a variety of arts and sports segments for students to choose in Art and Design and Personal Sports slot, here is the time for the same. Students who wish to change their PS/ AS for the academic year 2019 – 2020 will have to fill the form mentioning their preference.The last date for filling up the form is 12th April, 2019.


In case you wish to continue with the same AS and PS, DO NOT fill the form. We are sending the form to confirm your child’s selection for the academic year 2019-20.

The form will be available at and the Nucleus Mobile app (through your parents login).


Kindly read the choices available for your child’s grade and then fill the form in consultation with your child. You can submit the form only once. If you want to make changes later or, you can email us at – however that will be possible only if there are seats available.


Points to keep in mind:-


  • Continuing with the same AS & PS is recommended in most cases so that the student gets time to build skills. However, if after discussion with the respective faculty and student, if you wish to change the AS / PS, please change your preference (Your current choice will already be marked in each of the form in the first preference selection.)
  • If you don’t fill the form, we will consider that student wants to continue with the current AS and PS option only.
  • In case there’s oversubscription (more interested students than seats available) then confirmation will be given in the following order:
  1. 1st preference will be given to students who were already doing this AS / PS and have paid    the AS amount by 20th April (for paid options).
  2. In the case of paid AS options, 2nd preference will be given to students who are new to this AS  and have paid the AS amount by 20th April.
  3. For all other cases, if there are more students who have paid as compared to the seats that we have; for e.g. if 10 students are interested, but we have 5 seats for students, then we will do a draw of lots.
    • Visual art is a paid option from the academic year 2019-20 considering the expense of resources used (paints, canvas, frames, exhibition setup costs).


  • AS fee for the paid option is: Gr.3 to 9 Rs. 10000/- Gr10 Rs. 7500/- Gr11-Rs. 5000/-  Gr.12-Rs. 2500/-
  • It is NOT mandatory for Grade 11 and 12 to choose any AS they have an option of either selecting AS from the given options (Cooking, Visual Art and Digital media) or can use the slot for playtime.


  • Where AS fee needs to be paid, it needs be done through Paytm by the June 30 2019 as it will not be included in tuition fee. If not paid by then, the student will not be allowed to attend AS.


The form will be available at and the Nucleus Mobile app (through your parents login).


For details of AS segments visit Art and Design


Art and Design activity Paid/Unpaid Grades
Guitar Paid 3 to 10
Dance Education Program (Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Street Jazz, Hip hop) Paid 3 to 10
Drums Paid 3 to 10
Keyboard Paid 3 to 10
Cooking Paid 5 to 12
Makers Paid 5 to 10
Trinity- Speech and Drama and Communication skills Paid 3 to 10
Visual Arts (Drawing/Craft) Paid 3 to 6
Visual Arts (Drawing/Craft) Paid 7 to 12
Dance (Indian and Western Folk dance/ hip-hop/ Bollywood) Unpaid 3 to 6
Dance: We have expanded Folk Dance offering to include Indian and international folk dances and some modern dance forms like Locking, popping, b-boying, contemporary, hip-hop, break-dance, krumping and fusion, Hand tutting & finger tutting, robot, lyrical hip hop Unpaid 7 to 10
Vocals (Light vocals: Indian and Western music) Unpaid 3 to 10
Drama Unpaid 3 to 10
Bharatnatyam Unpaid 3 to 6
Digital Media (photography and filmmaking) Unpaid 7 to 12
Kathak (Indian classical dance form) Unpaid 3 to 6


New AS offerings for academic year 2019-20



Trinity College London is an International Exam Board which gives a globally recognized certificate.

We shall be offering classes for preparation of Trinity Guildhall Examinations in Speech & Drama/ Communication Skills.  These sessions would play a vital role in exploring the child’s talent, nurturing the growth of creative expressions and developing self-confidence and performing abilities.

*Exams will be conducted twice a year and examination fees will be charged extra according to the level the student’s ability. For more detail check the below link.


From Grade 3 to 10
Dance (Indian and international Folk dance/ hip-hop/ Bollywood): We have expanded Folk Dance offering to include Indian and international folk dances and some modern dance forms like, Locking, popping, b-boying, contemporary, hip-hop, break-dance, krumping and fusion, Hand tutting & finger tutting, robot, lyrical hip hop From Grade 7 to 10
Kathak (Indian classical dance form) From Grade 3 to 6


Personal Sports (PS) Offering for the year 2019-2020:-


Activity Minimum Per Grade Maximum Per Grade Grade
Table Tennis 5 16 4 to 12
Taekwondo 5 15 2 to 10
Basketball 8 60 2 to 12
Gymnastics 5 20 2 to 9
Ultimate Frisbee 8 No Limit 4 to 12
Football 8 No Limit 2 to 12
Athletics and Sports Climbing (rock climbing) 5 12 2 to 8
Sports Climbing 5 12 9
Skating 5 35 2 to 8
Handball 8 20 4 to 10
Wilderness and Outdoor Adventure 5 5 10
Volleyball 8 15 11 & 12




Fountainhead School

Mosquito menace in school

Mosquito menace in school

Dear Parents,

March-April is the time when school experiences maximum mosquito infestation in the premises as it is surrounded by lush green farms filled with stagnated water on all sides and due to temperature increase. As a school, we take precautionary measures but we cannot eliminate the menace completely.

We request all parents to take precautionary steps given below to keep their child away from mosquitoes:

  • Apply mosquito repellent (Odomos) every morning.
  • Use other modes of repellents like patches and roll on

Precautionary measures taken by school:

  • Daily fogging in open areas in the morning
  • Spraying insecticides at regular intervals
  • No stagnant water in school premises

In spite of taking care of all the points mentioned above, there still can be cases of mosquito/ insect bite to children who have sensitive skin or due to allergic reaction.  

Submission of Locker Key

Submission of Locker Key

Dear Students,

The Academic Year 2018-2019 is about to end and your exam will begin from next month. So, you all are requested to clear your lockers and submit your locker key on the below-given date, time and venue. It is important to do this process now so that the students can be allocated the lockers at the beginning of the next academic year.

Date: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th April

Timings: 9:00 am to 10:30 am

Venue: Science Lab (Ray and Raman), Block 2 Second Floor

Responsible Person: Bharti Didi / Bhavana Didi.

Note: After 4th April no submission of locker key will be accepted.

On 5th April 2018, Rs. 750/- will be deducted from the imprest account of students who have not submitted the locker keys and we will change the lock of the lockers.


Fountainhead School.

PTC Slot Booking Details- 23rd March 2019

PTC Slot Booking Details- 23rd March 2019

Dear Parent,

The PTC for the Senior School students is scheduled on 23rd March 2019. During the PTC, respective subject teachers, as well as the mentor teachers, will meet the parents to discuss students’ academic progress, examination performance, academic or behavioral goals.

5 minutes slot will be opened by each subject teacher. Meeting time will be 5 mins only. Please note that you should not be spending more than 5 minutes with the subject teachers. Kindly do not exceed the timing allotted to you. Also, note that it is compulsory for all students to attend the meeting. Please go through the reports and papers before you come to the meeting.

In case your child has siblings in Middle Years or Diploma Program, make sure you refer to both grade & section link (calendar) so that you can book back to back slots.

You are requested to book the slot of 5 minutes for each subject teacher you wish to meet during the PTC or if you have received mail from subject teacher to meet.

If you want a slot of your preference then please book it at the earliest.

Please plan the slot booking so that you spend minimum waiting time in school and please consider transition time also while you move from meeting with one teacher to the other.

Section Subject Teacher Name Link Venue (where the teacher is going to be available on the PTC dates)
First Language English Mohini Bachani Room No: 121 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
International Mathematics- Ext Aman Kuba Room No: 125 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
International Mathematics- Core Devdatta Gupta Room No: 125 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
Additional Mathematics Ruchita Patel Room No: 125 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
Physics Vratik Upadhyay Room No: 127 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
Biology Jay Kosambia Room No: 127 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
Chemistry Abheek Chakraborty Room No: 127 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
India Studies Ayman Shaikhmahmud Room No: 123 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
India Studies Monica Agarwal Room No: 123 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
Global Perspectives Rozyleen Chaudhary Room No: 124 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
Global Perspectives Kopal Agarwal Room No: 124 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
Global Perspectives Reshma Kachwala Room No: 124 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
Economics Yasmin Shaikh Room No: 126 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
Economics Malhar Trivedi Room No: 126 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
Computer Science Bhagyashree Soni Room No: 122 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
ICT Bhumit Kansara Room No: 122 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
Art & Design Pankti Chauhan Hippodrome
Enterprise Chaahat Dhall Room No: 123 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
Enterprise Ila Sinha Room No: 124 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
Hindi Ranjana Tandon Room No: 128 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
French Rim Baroudi Room No: 128 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
Literature Nikita Jhaveri Room No: 121 (Block-1 , 2nd Floor)
P.S- For parents who come for PTC without booking a slot with the respective teacher that they want to meet- they will have to first book the slot by giving details to the admin person seated outside the Grade Wing on the day of PTC. Slots will be given as per the availability in the teacher’s calendar on the same day. This means that if you come to school without booking slots you may not be able to meet the teacher.

Please take note of below important points for smooth and effective PTC:

  1. Parents are required to book through parent mail id only. Any slots booked through personal id will not be taken into consideration.

  2. Please keep in mind the transition time (time taken to move from the meeting from one teacher to the next).

  3. Parents have to meet the teachers as per the slots assigned and should not exceed the time. Teachers will not meet the parents in any slot, other than the booked slot.

  4. Teachers will discuss the student performance, concerns and further steps to improve academic performance with the parents. Please do not expect the teachers to discuss the whole paper with the parents.

Fountainhead School​.

Change in School Timings for Grade 10 students from Monday (18th March 2019)

Change in School Timings for Grade 10 students from Monday (18th March 2019)

Dear All,

This is to inform you that the school timings for Grade 10 students will change from Monday (18th March 2019) after the Mock Exams till their Study Leave (6th April 2019).

Timing: 09:55 am to 01:45 pm

Hence, students are required to come by  09:55 am bus route and leave by 01:45 pm bus route.

P.S- Due to the change in timings the timetable has also been changed. You are required to check for the new timetable in the given link (open the link in a new incognito window)- Grade 10 Timetable  which will be applicable from Monday (18th March 2019),



Fountainhead School.

Microsoft Office Specialist Championship Competition

Microsoft Office Specialist Championship Competition

Dear All,
Fountainhead School has received an official invitation to be a part of the MICROSOFT OFFICE SPECIALIST(MOS) WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP  – a global competition for school students to showcase their digital literacy skills.
This MOS Championship Competition is happening for the first time in Surat.
One time registration cost is Rs. 1995/-. This competition will enable students to gain more exposure and high recommendations if they plan to pursue a career in Computers.
The student can achieve MICROSOFT OFFICE SPECIALIST CERTIFICATE (Globally Recognized Certification from Microsoft) in the regional round by just clearing the exam.
Microsoft World Championship
The Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship is a global competition that tests students’ skills on Microsoft Office Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® (2013 or 2016).
Students have to select any of the following
Microsoft office Excel 2013 or 2016
Microsoft Office Word 2013 or 2016
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013 or 2016
Students will get E-learning Material for studying. School ICT teachers will help you to clear your doubts and concepts.
Take- Away
–   Microsoft Credential as an Office Specialist once you clear the exam
–   Co-branded Certificate of Participation
–   Certificates, Awards and Cash Prizes at Regional and National Level Toppers
–   National Winners get an all-expense paid trip to represent India in the World Championship
–   Opportunity to interact and network with students from other schools, regions and countries
–   Cash prize up to $7500 as prize money for the World Champion.
Dates and Venues:
Regional Round date on 21st April 2019 at Surat.
National Round date on 24th May 2019 at Pune.
International round is at New York in the month of 28 – 31 July 2019 (Sponsored)
Age eligibility 13 years to 22 years old as of on 15th June 2019
Last Date to fill this form and register yourself is 3rd March 2019.
For any questions, contact ICT Team.
Primary Contact – Shweta Gupte (
Fountainhead School.
IIMUN Championship Conference 2019

IIMUN Championship Conference 2019

Dear Parents,

Fountainhead School is proud to have been invited to participate in the prestigious IIMUN Championship Conference 2019 being held at Aamby Valley City the conference is scheduled from  15th-18th August, 2019

India’s International Movement to United Nations (IIMUN) is a movement to implement IIMUN Actionable Goals while bearing cognizance of the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations. IIMUN aims to galvanize the youth to start taking an initiative in combating problems on an individual level, thereby moving from a mundane classroom discussion and bringing tangible change in an honest attempt to making this a borderless world. In 1947, when the world was asleep, India carried its first revolution and rose to freedom.

IIMUN has been the World’s largest education conference management brand having organized the World’s Largest MUN simulation in Mumbai amongst many other conferences. It also became the first organization to conduct multiple MUN conferences inside United Nations Headquarters in New York. IIMUN today touches upon more than 10 million young people in 160 cities and 22 countries annually.

Below are the details of the respective event:

  • Date:15th-18th August, 2019
  • Venue: Aamby Valley City
  • Approximate cost: Rs. 27000- 28000

The above-mentioned cost includes:

  • Accommodation and Food at the venue during the event: Rs. 25000 per student
  • 3 nights & 4 days accommodation on triple occupancy basis for students & double occupancy for teachers at 3-star hotel.
  • Meals include High Tea from 15th August,2019 to lunch on 18th August,2019. i.e 3 breakfasts,3 lunches, 3 dinners and 3 high teas.
  • Transport to and fro Mumbai Railway Station & Aamby Valley City.
  • Entry to all socials as per the itinerary.
  • Travel expense: Approx. Rs. 1500

[Train fares are a subject to change as it adds up other charges (taxes) after the payment is done.]

  • Miscellaneous charges (Includes Chaperone’s cost, food cost when it is not provided by the organisers & any other emergency expenses, which if not used shall be deposited back into Imprest A/c)
  • Further itinerary and committee allocation details will be shared later once we have the registrations.

Please note:

  • The above-mentioned cost has been considered for a minimum of 14  students, if we receive less than 14  student participants, the respective program might be cancelled or the cost might increase depending on the number of participants.
  • Final date to fill the form will be 28th February,2019. Please note once the form is filled we will commence with train ticket booking to get the best possible train, post which if you cancel, cancellation charges will be applicable.
  • Cheque of Rs.   28,000 needs to be submitted by 28th Feb.  The cheque must be in favour of “Fountainhead Education Trust”.                                                                                        In case of any concern/query, kindly feel free to reach us at


Events Team

Fountainhead School