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Dear Parents,

As discussed during the session on ‘BYOC – Bring Your Own Chromebook,’ we are sharing a link of the presentation and the details in regard to purchase of the Chromebook.

As parents, we are sure you have a lot of questions and concerns. To address the same, we’ve added a dedicated section on our website: Tech @ FS (

This section on the website covers the following:

  • What’s the experience like? What’s the world doing?
  • Why Chromebook?
  • Usage agreements at home & school so that the device is used effectively and not for the wrong reasons
  • What are the potential safety concerns and how we intend to address this?


Step 1

We request that you go through the website content that we’ve already put up before taking this step. We will try to address all your unanswered concerns in these planned interactions.

Step 2

Configuration of the Chromebook:

Chromebook Brand Acer
Model No. C732
Price 28,500
Top Case Color & Decoration Grey
Onboard processor Intel Celeron Dual Core N33500
Onboard memory(RAM) 4 GB Memory
Screen Size 11.6″ Wide LCD Display
HDMI Port Yes
Graphics Processor Integrated Intel HD Graphics
Video Camera Web camera
Wireless Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Card Reader Yes
USB Port Yes
Audio Yes
Warranty 3 Years including Accidental Damage Protection*

As per manufacturer’s terms and conditions

Chrome OS Management Console (perpetual license): This console will enable the school administration to configure and manage each Chromebook with ease, and will allow us to add security features (such as user restriction, app restriction) as well allow many value-added features such as making an app landing page, online testing etc. This console needs to be bought only once with every device at the price of ₹2832 inclusive of all taxes. This price is valid only for bulk educational purchases. Regular license cost is almost double the current price.

Step 3

Advance payment

We are asking for an advance payment by 10th May because in order to receive the Chromebooks in July, we need to place an order with the vendor by the second week of May. It takes 15-20 days to compile and send the order to the vendor and the delivery takes almost 6-8 weeks. After delivery, the school requires upto 15 days to test and configure all the Chromebooks before they are handed over to the students.

Sr. No. Details Advance Payment (to be made by May 10th) Total Cost
1 Acer + Chrome Management Console 15,000 31,332
2 Only Chrome Management Console (meaning parent will purchase the Chromebook) 2,832 2,832


  • Kindly note that the school has no commercial interest in this transaction
  • Parents can buy a Chromebook on their own, if they wish to. In this case, the parents will only be buying the CMC from school. School will intimate them as to when to send the device for installation of the console.
  • Balance Payment to be made in June before the device is handed over to the student
  • The total cost mentioned above is currently based on the minimum quotation that we have received from Google resellers. In case, we get a lower quotation, we will apply, update and charge accordingly
  • School will be providing a debit note containing all the details of the purchase

Payment Details:

Payment mode Details

₹ 15,000/- for Chromebook + CMC

Click here to pay

₹ 2,832/- for CMC only

Click here to pay

*Last date of payment: 10th May, 2019

**If we do not receive the payment by this date then we will consider that the parent is not interested in purchasing the Chromebook through school

Step 4

In the first week of July 2019, we will arrange the handover of Chromebook to the parents. Before the students start using  Chromebook, parents and school together can ensure that the students use their device effectively rather than it becoming a distraction. We will frame essential agreements for the same.



IT Team

Fountainhead School

Clarifications about School timings and Elections-related holidays

Clarifications about School timings and Elections-related holidays

Dear Parents,

This note will address two recent announcements about the change in timings and the election-related holidays.


1.Regarding the change in timings of the school:

We delayed the start of the PYP and SS programs by 15 min. In response to this change, we have not received any response from the vast majority of parents.

However, we have received requests from 9 students (5 parents) for a swap in timings of PYP (Grade 1 to 6) and SS (Grade 7 to 12). The reason given is that a swap of the timings will give the PYP students more time to sleep and the SS students more time in the afternoon and evening for activities and coaching classes. We have maintained through the years that the reason for starting the SS later is that as children enter into the teen years, they tend to sleep later for multiple reasons (studying, social, biological). Therefore asking them to wake up early is likely to have adverse effects of their health.

While we don’t see any significant advantage with the swap in timings, we see consequential disadvantages of an upheaval of schedule for all the students including the vast majority who have not reacted to this change as well the loss of sleep and impact the health of SS students.

Therefore, we are sticking to the change as announced. We had also proposed a change in the timings for the Early Years students pending logistics for which we ran trial routes from April 9 to 12. We are happy to announce that the trial was successful. These are the final timings for students next year:


New Timings from June 2019
Grades Starts Ends

Early Years*

(Nursery to Sr. KG)

08:45 am 02:00 pm

Primary Years

(Grade 1 to Grade 6)

07:30 am 02:00 pm

Senior School

(Grade 7 to Grade 12)

08:45 am 03:30 pm

*Nursery and Jr KG students will be leaving earlier in the initial period. A separate note will be sent to the relevant parents for the same.


2. Regarding the holidays on 22-23 April due to Lok Sabha Elections:

The holidays are as announced for 22-23 April for students. The school buses have been requisitioned by the district authorities for the conduct of elections for both days (for logistical management of the EVMs and the election staff). Therefore both days are holidays. For the PYP and Early Years, we chose not to compensate (unlike previous years) because it’s the end of the year and curriculum requirements have been met already. For SS, there’s no need to compensate because the exam schedule was changed to accommodate the 2 holidays. We are clarifying this so that the reasoning is clear and that a precedent isn’t assumed for similar future events.



Fountainhead School

Grade – 4 Gujarati (Standard level) Homework (Cycle – 33) Date – 17/04/2019

Grade – 4 Gujarati (Standard level) Homework (Cycle – 33) Date – 17/04/2019

ઉદાહરણ અનુસાર નીચે આપેલી શબ્દોની જોડીનો પ્રયોગ કરીને વાક્ય બનાવો.

શબ્દો – આકાશ, પક્ષી
વાક્ય – હંસ નામનું સફેદ પક્ષી આકાશમાં ઊડી રહ્યું છે.

1) નદી, માછલી
2) રસ્તો, વાહનો
3) ઝાડ, છાયો
4) પાણી, સદ્ઉપયોગ
5)ગ્રાહક, અધિકાર

Grade – 4 Gujarati (Ab initio level) Homework (Cycle – 33) Date – 17/04/2019

Grade – 4 Gujarati (Ab initio level) Homework (Cycle – 33) Date – 17/04/2019

ગૃહકાર્ય ( गृहकार्य ) :

નીચે આપેલા શબ્દોની ઉદાહરણ મુજબ સંધિ જોડો. શબ્દો ગુજરાતી નોટબૂક માં લખવા.
नीचे दिए गए उदहारण अनुसार शब्दों की संधि जोड़ें | शब्द गुजराती की नोटबुक में लिखें |

ત + ડ +ક +ઓ = તડકો

1) ક + ઔ+ શ +લ =
2) ર +ઉ +પ +ક =
3) સ +ઈ +ડ +ઈ =
4) પ+ચ +આ +સ =
5) ઢ + એ +લ =
6) ઝ +ઊ +મ =
7) ર +ઓ +ટ +લ +ઈ =
8) મ+આ +ત+ઋ =

Hindi highlights and homework for Grade 4 – Cycle 33 (17/4/2019)

Hindi highlights and homework for Grade 4 – Cycle 33 (17/4/2019)

कक्षा कार्य 

  • How we organize ourselves यूनिट से संबंधित चर्चा गई |
  • ग्राहक अधिकार, ग्राहक की ज़िम्मेदारी और आचारनीति से संबंधित Learning center करवाया गया जिसमें छात्रों ने यूनिट की समझ को व्यक्त किया |


वाचन कार्य : वाचन पुस्तिका में से पेज नं 6 पर दी गई कहानी “माँ का जन्मदिन” का वाचन (Read aloud) अपने माता-पिता समक्ष करें |

अभिभावकों से निवेदन हैं कि वाचन से संबंधित टिप्पणी को कहानी के नीचे लिखें |

Note for Business Fair

Note for Business Fair

Dear Parent,

Grade 4 is currently pursuing the final unit of inquiry for the academic year 2018-19 under the Transdisciplinary theme ‘How we organize ourselves ’. The central idea is: ‘Economic activity relies on systems of production, exchange and consumption of goods and services’.

As part of the learning process, students are going to conduct a business fair on 19th April, Friday where they’ll sell/provide goods and services in order to understand the concept of demand, supply, exchange. They have taken a survey from students of Grade 3 and Grade 5 to analyze the demand for the goods/services they have shortlisted. Based on the demand, they will finalize the goods/services for their stall. So for the business fair, the students will have to spend some money. They have been divided into groups and each student can invest a maximum Rs. 250 to purchase things for their stall. Parents are requested not to allow the students to spend more than that. They will share the details of goods/services that they have selected with you tomorrow.

Since students are hosting the fair for the first time, we’ll have a ‘Token System’ for them. Consumers/ buyers will purchase a token from an adult which they’ll use for buying goods/services that the students are offering. So the cash will be handled by an adult while the students will just have to retain the tokens. After the culmination of the business fair, students will get the money according to the tokens they have. This essentially means that the students might earn some profit and in that case, they will decide any one of the following options:

  • Keep the entire profit with them
  • Choose to donate the profit to a charitable institution
  • Choose to donate a part of the profit and keep the rest of it or vice versa  

It’s completely a student’s choice.

Thanking you for your support!

P.S.: Students of Grade 4 may choose to buy/use goods/services from each other. Hence, they can bring maximum Rs.100 on the day of Business Fair for the same.