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Raconteur- Heads Up!

Raconteur- Heads Up!

Dear Raconteurs,

By tomorrow most of you will have received your copy of the school magazine- Raconteur. Happily! Anxiously! Excitedly, we present to you the first edition and hope you will love it too!

Expressing gratitude from the bottom of our hearts we genuinely applaud and appreciate all the effort put in by you for making Raconteur beautiful!

For this issue of Raconteur we received a record number of entries and our joys knew no bounds, but here comes the glitch…. The number of pages in the magazine are limited and we couldn’t fit all the articles at once but at the same time we didn’t want to let your diligence go in vain. So… We decided that we will use remaining articles in the next edition of Raconteur i.e. the April issue of the magazine.

In case you do not find your contribution in this issue you might have to wait a little longer! Thank you for your love, patience and support!

Do keep writing!


Raconteur Team



Dear Parents,

This post is a reiteration of the importance of RFID card.

Kindly be informed that it is mandatory to show the RFID Parent Pass at the time of pick up from the bus stop. The bus conductor will be using RFID card reader in the bus which will be used to check the card, at random, when a parent/guardian/attendant receives the child at the bus stop. Kindly flash the card as indicated in the attached image.

If the card is found to be duplicate a fine of Rs. 500/- will be deducted from the student imprest deposit.

Note that, 15th October onwards, parents without RFID card will not be handed over the student, and the student will be brought back to school. Parents will have to collect their child from the school, in such a case.

Having a duplicate RFID card will also be considered as not having a card and the procedure as mentioned above will apply.

Please send your RFID card to school if registration is pending as yet, ignore if already done.

Link of the previous post:

Theater Performance

Theater Performance

Dear Parents,

We are extremely delighted to invite you for a student initiated act ‘The Good Earth’ drama. This act indeed is the presentation of our students hard work and efforts. Through this drama, you will witness not only the hidden talent of our students but also the skills that they have acquired during their training sessions in our school imparted by Ms Rucha Kapadia and her team. Therefore, to encourage our young talented artists, please join us on:

Date: 14th October

Timing: 10:30 am to 1:00 pm (Entry will close by 10:55 am)

Venue: Performing Arts Centre, L.P. Savani Road, Pal, Adajan, Surat.

To purchase the tickets kindly click here.

Last date for filling the form is 12th October 2018.  

For any queries , please e-mail at : 


Khel Mahakumbh 2018-19

Khel Mahakumbh 2018-19

Dear parent,


This is to inform you that the registration for khel mahakumbh 2018-19 has commenced and the last date for filling the form will be 15 August 2018


  1. The tournament consists of 2 major categories : Individual sport & team games.
  2. The age group for participation are as follows ( Girl’s & Boy’s ) :
  • Under – 9  (Born on or after 1 January 2010)
  • Under – 11 (Born on or between 1 Jan 2008 to 31 Dec 2009)
  • Under – 14 (Cut off date:- Born on or between 1 Jan 2005 to 31 Dec 2007)
  • Under – 17  (Cut off date:- Born on or between 1 Jan 2002 to 31 Dec 2004)


    1. As per the khel mahakumbh rule, a student can participate in any one game or sport. E.g If a student has participated in football then he will not be able to participate in any other sport or a game.
    2. The registration for this tournament will be done from the school. The team game registration will be done by the coaches on selection basis.
    3. Different sports starts at different level, e.i. School level, Zonal (Taluka) level, District level and State level.


  • Click below links to view list of Sports events, Sub events and offered in different age categories. Below sheet also contain details of starting level of each event.



  1. You have to mention proper Sub categories in the form, or else we will not be responsible for your registration.
  2. We will send you Khel Mahakumbh IDs (KMKID) once we are done with registrations. Please don’t request for individual KMKIDs as we will be totally occupied with registrations.
  3. It’s mandatory to fill the Bank Details in the form.
  4. Students born on or before 31 December 2001 will have to participate in Open Category.
  5. Students falling under Open category who are interested in participating in individual sports, please meet or email me (Zulkif)
  6. You have to use only FS ID to fill the form
  7. Only one form will be filled from one ID. Please make sure you are filling the form properly.


Click here for Khel Mahakumbh form


For any other details please send an E-mail to


Safety Audit @Fountainhead

Safety Audit @Fountainhead

Dear Parents,

Safety and well being of students is of utmost importance to us at Fountainhead. To this end, we had undertaken a safety project last year to improve safety and well being measures at school.

The next step that we have in line is to to invite parent volunteers for an audit of safety practices at school.

What is a safety audit?

A safety audit is to monitor and analyze an institution’s operations in order to determine how well it conforms to a set of specific criteria.

In this case, the parent volunteers of the safety audit team will assess the school’s safety measures based on Aarambh India’s checklist

Categories/Departments for audit:

  • Physical Safety
  • Emotional Safety
  • Cyber Safety
  • Social Safety
  • Emergency Measures

How will the process work?

Once we receive responses from the parents, a short meeting will be arranged to discuss the details. The Safety Audit committee members, i.e. parents will be divided into groups as per the preferences chosen by them. Each group will be conducting the audit for a specific department, will be completing the audit and bringing it to conclusion by writing comments for the chosen department.

Interested parents need to click on the following link and fill the form latest by 16th August, 2018.

Safety Audit @ Fountainhead

The audit along with the parent orientation will be done in the first week of September. (Date will be informed to you later). The parents might choose to do the audit on the same day or some other day in the same week. Important point to note is that parents should be willing to spend a day in school for the audit.

Let’s join hands and work towards ensuring safety of students at Fountainhead!


Fountainhead School