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Uniform policy- Update

Uniform policy- Update

Dear Parent,

During winters, thermals of only black, white or grey color can be worn inside the school uniform t-shirt.
Note that students cannot wear full sleeve t-shirts/sweatshirts of any other color.
For bottoms- Only black leggings can be worn along with the school shorts if the student is not comfortable with full pants.
Raconteur Calling!

Raconteur Calling!

Dear Raconteurs,

We thank each one of you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and ideas and making our school magazine a literary piece of art! A loud shout out to all who made it possible!

Our ideas keep changing, developing and modifying with each passing moment and we don’t want any of these to just drift by.

So let’s get going! We want to ensure that parents and students get optimum time to write for their favorite magazine. However, as mentioned in the previous blog post, we have quite a few precious pieces left with us which we are planning to take up in the April issue. So, the number of days for submission and the number of topics have been reduced for this time.

We have shortlisted a few topics to give you a starting point, but you are free to write on any topic of your choice. You can choose to compose a poem, write an article or create a poster/artwork. Parent articles are welcome in Hindi/Gujarati as well. (No hard copies will be accepted)

The topics are:


  • Planning a Vacation
  • If I could be a/an …..
  • My Promises To the New Year
  • Book/s I have Read Again and Again
  • What’s in a Name?
  • Dealing With Peer Pressure
  • Coding- The Language Of Future
  • Elections are the Best Test for Democracy
  • My Favorite Catchphrase
  • Words I Misspell the Most
  • Poetry- Few Words More Expressions
  • Living In a Selfless World


Points to ponder while writing/submitting articles:

  • All entries to be submitted in Google doc format ONLY to Entries shared in any other format will be rejected. Word limit for articles – 300 words.
  • At least 60% of your write up should be original. If you have used any outside source, please be sure to add all the references / links in the footnote of the article.
  • We will not be publishing more than 1 article/poem per student/parent.
  • Do not share articles published earlier on personal blogs.
  • We request parents to send original work done by their child as we want to keep the essence of  thoughts that play in a child’s mind. Parents can check their child’s work, in terms of spellings and grammar but please retain the words used by your child.
  • In case of parent article, mention your full name, child’s name, grade and section at the end of the article.
  • Parent photos should be sent as a passport sized jpeg file. No selfies.
  • Posters/Artwork should be in A4 size only. Kindly mention name, grade and section on the flipside of the poster.
  • Entries to be mailed from school mail id only. Entries sent from personal email ids will be rejected.
  • Scanned images/posters/artwork should be in high resolution.
  • Any communication with the Raconteur team should be addressed to  Please do not email the editors on their school email id.

Please note that we will try to publish as many articles as we can but due to space constraints we might not be able to publish all articles that are submitted.

Disclaimer: Selection of an article is at editor’s discretion.


The last date for submission is 25th December, 2018.


Looking forward to receiving your entries.


Raconteur Team.


Winter Jacket Details – 2018-19

Winter Jacket Details – 2018-19

Dear Parents,

Please note that winter jackets and trousers, for all the grades, will be available from 19 November 2018, onward at School Zone. (Bungalow No. 9, Shyam Kunj, Krishna Vatika Society, Near Meghna Park, City Light)

Please go through the below-given rates for winter jackets:

Size Price
20, 22 & 24 670
26 & 28 700
30 & 32 720
34 & 36 750
38 & 40 770
42 & 44 800

If the last’s year jacket is in good condition you need not buy a new one.

School Uniform Policy states that only school jackets are allowed. Thermals (only black, white and grey colors) can be worn inside the school uniform, irrespective of whether school jacket is also used or not. Note that students cannot wear full t-shirts/sweatshirts of any other color.

It is mandatory for all new students to buy a school jacket.



Fountainhead School



Dear Parents,

This post is a reiteration of the importance of RFID card.

Kindly be informed that it is mandatory to show the RFID Parent Pass at the time of pick up from the bus stop. The bus conductor will be using RFID card reader in the bus which will be used to check the card, at random, when a parent/guardian/attendant receives the child at the bus stop. Kindly flash the card as indicated in the attached image.

If the card is found to be duplicate a fine of Rs. 500/- will be deducted from the student imprest deposit.

Note that, 15th October onwards, parents without RFID card will not be handed over the student, and the student will be brought back to school. Parents will have to collect their child from the school, in such a case.

Having a duplicate RFID card will also be considered as not having a card and the procedure as mentioned above will apply.

Please send your RFID card to school if registration is pending as yet, ignore if already done.

Link of the previous post:

Parent Book Review

Parent Book Review

Dear Parents,

This post gives us an opportunity to express my gratitude to parents who had registered for second book review on 1st October.

Thank you, for giving us hope that we can all do it together and build the reading culture in our students.

You are just not an evaluator or simply a spectator but an important and prestigious, awaited audience for our students.

Without your smiling faces, encouraging and constructive feedback to students, it would have been challenging for them to present with confidence and verve, and most importantly read.

A humble request to continue extending your invaluable support in term 2.

Click here to view images.


Theater Performance

Theater Performance

Dear Parents,

We are extremely delighted to invite you for a student initiated act ‘The Good Earth’ drama. This act indeed is the presentation of our students hard work and efforts. Through this drama, you will witness not only the hidden talent of our students but also the skills that they have acquired during their training sessions in our school imparted by Ms Rucha Kapadia and her team. Therefore, to encourage our young talented artists, please join us on:

Date: 14th October

Timing: 10:30 am to 1:00 pm (Entry will close by 10:55 am)

Venue: Performing Arts Centre, L.P. Savani Road, Pal, Adajan, Surat.

To purchase the tickets kindly click here.

Last date for filling the form is 12th October 2018.  

For any queries , please e-mail at : 


Khel Mahakumbh Schedule

Khel Mahakumbh Schedule

Dear All,

Kindly take note of the Khel Mahakumbh schedule which is tabled below.

Game Age Category Gender Date Venue Level
Athletics Under 9 Boys and Girls 18 September 2018 Tuesday School Assembly School
Athletics Under 11 & 14 Boys and Girls 19 September 2018 Wednesday School Assembly School
Volleyball All Boys and Girls 25 September 2018 Tuesday Tapti Valley School Taluka
Football Above 17 Boys 25 September 2018 Tuesday Essae International School District
Athletics All Boys and Girls 26 September 2018 Wednesday Tapti Valley School Taluka
Chess All Boys and Girls 26 September 2018 Wednesday Tarad High School Taluka
Taekwondo All Boys 26 September 2018 Wednesday Sincerite English Medium School, Bardoli District
Swimming All Boys and Girls 26 September 2018 Wednesday Swami Vivekanand Tarankund, Bardoli District
Taekwondo All Girls 27 September 2018 Thursday Sincerite English Medium School, Bardoli District
Football All Girls 28 September 2018 Friday RMG Maheshwari, Ladvi District
Handball Under 14 Boys and Girls 1 October 2018 Monday MK Patel School Madhi District
Football Under 17 Boys 3 October 2018 Wednesday Essae International School District
Skating All Boys and Girls 3 October 2018 Wednesday PP Savani Abrama District
Basketball Under 17, Above 17 Girls 3 October 2018 Wednesday Tapti Valley School District
Chess All Boys 3 October 2018 Wednesday JB Diamond Laskana District
Football Under 14 Boys 4 October 2018 Thursday Essae International School District
Lawn Tennis Under 14 Boys and Girls 4 October 2018 Thursday PP Savani Abrama District
Basketball Under 17, Above 17 Boys 4 October 2018 Thursday Swaminarayan Mishan, Valak Patiya District
Chess All Girls 4 October 2018 Thursday JB Diamond Laskana District
Badminton Under 14 Boys and Girls 5 October 2018 Friday D.P.S.Tapi District
Lawn Tennis Under 17 Boys 5 October 2018 Friday PP Savani Abrama District
Athletics All Boys 5 October 2018 Friday JB Diamond Laskana District
Badminton Under 17 Boys and Girls 6 October 2018 Saturday D.P.S.Tapi District
Table Tennis All Boys 6 October 2018 Saturday Essae International School District
Lawn Tennis Under 17 Girls 6 October 2018 Saturday PP Savani Abrama District
Basketball Under 14 Boys and Girls 6 October 2018 Saturday Vashishth Genesis School, Baben Bardoli District
Volleyball Under 17 Girls 6 October 2018 Saturday MJ Bhatt High School, Mota District
Athletics All Girls 6 October 2018 Saturday JB Diamond Laskana District
Badminton Above 17 Boys and Girls 7 October 2018 Sunday D.P.S.Tapi District
Table Tennis All Girls 8 October 2018 Monday Fountainhead School District

Level of the tournament :-

School -> Taluka (Zonal) -> District -> State ->National

*Note- There are events which starts directly at taluka level or district level or even state level.

You’ll get that list below:-

Click for Under 9

Click for Under 11

Click for Under 14

Click for Under 17


One Day At School (ODAS)

One Day At School (ODAS)

Dear parent,

We would like to invite you to spend One Day At School (ODAS). The ODAS program at Fountainhead, gives parents a first hand experience of their child’s learning at school. The ODAS program will start from 3rd September, 2018 and continue till 30th March 2019. On any particular day, a maximum of 4 parents (different grades) will be allowed for ODAS. Please note that only one parent i.e. either the father or mother is allowed for the visit. Timings for ODAS are 10:15 am – 1:30 pm.

Please call Ms. Dixita Gamit at the front desk or mail us at to register for ODAS slot. Registration will be confirmed as per availability of slots. Please do not email HRTs, write on Nucleus or on blog to register.

Points to be kept in mind during the ODAS visit:

  • A schedule will be provided at the front desk regarding allotment of classes and respective timings.
  • Kindly submit your mobiles at the front desk before commencing the visit.
  • Parents are requested to quietly observe the class, without any discussion with the teacher.
  • No personal discussion about the child will be entertained.
  • Parents are requested to fill a feedback form (available at the front desk) at the end of their visit. Any relevant comments must be entered in the feedback form rather than discussing with the teacher.

For more information please contact Ms. Dixita Gamit on or call on

8000 130 031.


Fountainhead School