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Grade 6 Inter-house music competition 2018-19

Grade 6 Inter-house music competition 2018-19

Dear Parent,

We are glad to announce the winners of grade 6 inter-house music competition 2018-19.


1st Position – Pranay Malu – Liberty House
2nd Position – Nandan Contractor – Unity House
3rd Position – Suhaan Gwalani – Unity House


1st Position – Udayan Sastri – Dignity House
2nd Position – Harsh Dalal – Unity House
3rd Position – Darsh Bulchandani – Liberty House


1st Position – Aadhar Aggarwal – Liberty House
2nd Position – Kashyap Patel – Dignity House
3rd Position – Vansh Bansal – Unity House


1st Position – Krishnam Bahety – Integrity House
2nd Position – Shashwat Bhajanka – Liberty House
3rd Position – Ananya Jain – Dignity House

Congratulations to all the winners…!!!

Videos of the performances done by the students:

Thank you.

Homework for Ruminate – 18/01/19

Homework for Ruminate – 18/01/19


  • You have to create a Big 6 sheet here and rename it with your name.
  • A link is assigned through Google Classroom. Kindly do as directed(instructions are added there itself).
  • Complete the assigned Readworks task (ignore if done).
  • Practice decimals on Khan Academy, the assignment is already shared with you all.
  • Get along your Goal Evidence for term 2 on Monday (those students who are assigned needs to bring). If you are maintaining it online then you have to move your evidence here.
  • Complete your mixed bag homework task in your mixed bag homework notebook.
  • Kindly check the additional blog posted by me and do the needful.

Happy weekend!!

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Weekend homework – 18/01/19

Weekend homework – 18/01/19

Dear students,

You have come a long way and soon you are going to be the “PYP graduates.” You have had a past with a lot of ups and downs, best friends and caring teachers, new learnings and old sharings, scary struggles and deserved achievements and the list is endless. It is time that we get little nostalgic and recreate those moments.
You need to make a road map of your PYP journey so far. There are surely some moments which you will cherish forever; maybe some of them became a milestone for you, so you also have to LABEL those milestones. This timeline can be in any format using VISUAL ARTS. Some suggestions are grade wise( nursery, junior kg., senior kg., grade 1 …..grade.6) calendar, timeline, year wise card (1 inside another), chart, booklet, album, stepladder etc. You are furthermore creative communicators and you surely would have some more brilliant ideas. Be as creative as you can. It is time to transform your imagination into a picturesque composition.
Not to forget, focus more on – best out of waste, graphic organizers and detailed labelings.
We are eager to explore the gallery of memoir. 
Get – Set – Go:)
You may aim to submit this task latest by Tuesday – 29/01/19
  • Complete all the additional task assigned by your HRT.
Happy weekend!!
Grade – 6 Gujarati (Ab initio level) Homework (Cycle – 22 : 2nd HW) Date – 16/01/2019

Grade – 6 Gujarati (Ab initio level) Homework (Cycle – 22 : 2nd HW) Date – 16/01/2019

ગૃહકાર્ય ( गृहकार्य ) :

નીચે આપેલ Link પરથી વાર્તા નું વાંચન કરો. વર્ગમાં પ્રવૃત્તિ દ્વારા reflection લેવા માં આવશે.
नीचे दी हुई Link से कहानी का वांचन करें | वर्ग में प्रवृति द्वारा reflection लिया जाएगा |

Link :

Grade 6 Gujarati (Standard level) Homework (cycle -22, 2nd H.W) date – 16/01/2019

Grade 6 Gujarati (Standard level) Homework (cycle -22, 2nd H.W) date – 16/01/2019

ગૃહકાર્ય :

પતંગિયા પાઠ્યપુસ્તકમાં પેજ નંબર -(૫૧) 51 પર આપેલ પાઠ – 11 “પૃથ્વી” નું વાંચન કરો.(વર્ગમાં પાઠનું વાંચન અને સમજ થઈ ગયેલ છે.)
પાઠના આધારે પ્રશ્ન – “ગ” અને “ઘ”ને સૂચના પ્રમાણે કરો.

Grade -6 Hindi Highlights and Homework Cycle-22 (16/1 /19)

Grade -6 Hindi Highlights and Homework Cycle-22 (16/1 /19)

कक्षाकार्य :

– श्रुतलेखन लिया गया |
– डायरी लेखन का ‘Formative Assessment’ लिया  गया |
(कृपया सभी अभिभावकों से निवेदन है कि FA देखकर  नोटबुक में हस्ताक्षर करें |)

गृहकार्य –
व्याकरण से सम्बंधित कार्य -पत्रिका (Worksheet) भिजवाई गई है उसे पूरा करें | (ऐसी ही कार्यपत्रिका कक्षा में करवाई जा चुकी है)

श्रुतलेखन के शब्द :
नीचे दिए गए शब्दों का श्रुतलेखन आने वाली हिंदी कक्षा में लिया जाएगा |
1) अन्वेषक (Inquirer) 2) ज्ञानी (Knowledgeable) 3) विचारक (Thinker) 4) संप्रेषक (Communicators) 5) सिद्धांतवादी (Principled)
1. लिखते समय सही वर्तनी (Spellings ) का विशेष ध्यान रखें |

2. अपने लेखन कार्य की दुबारा जाँच करें | (Recheck your work )

3. गृहकार्य पूरा करके अपनी नोटबुक गुरुवार को कक्षा में जमा करवाएँ |

4.कोई भी एक हिंदी कहानी का वाचन करें और अपना Reading log Update करें |

Homework for Ruminate – 15/01/19

Homework for Ruminate – 15/01/19


  • Complete the homework assigned through the Google classroom into your UOI + Language homework notebook. You may find the same on the blog post done by Nisreen Ma’am and Himani Ma’am.
  • Your commitment to accomplish your goals will be reviewed during cycle 23. You will be asked to produce the evidence soon.
  • The book review is scheduled for the 18th of January. Make sure you are rehearsing for the same.