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Timings for the Academic Year 2019-20

Timings for the Academic Year 2019-20

Dear Parents,

Based on internal feedback, we are making a small change in the school timings from June 2019.

Current Timings till May 2019
Grades Starts Ends Duration(Hrs)
Primary Years (Grade 1 to Grade 6) 07:15 am 01:45 pm 06:30
Senior School  (Grade 7 to Grade 12) 08:30 am 03:15 pm 06:45


New Timings from June 2019
Grades Starts Ends



Duration & Timings Change

Primary Years

(Grade 1 to Grade 6)

07:30 am 02:00 pm 06:30

Same duration as above

Students both arrive and depart 15 mins late

Senior School

(Grade 7 to Grade 12)

08:45 am 03:30 pm 06:45

We believe that a slightly later time will be beneficial for all the stakeholders (students, parents and staff), giving everyone some more time in the morning. The departure is shifted only by 15 mins thereby not causing any significant concerns.

As usual, the bus routes for the new academic year will be shared by the last week of May 2019.


Fountainhead School

G9_Integrated Humanities_Revision

G9_Integrated Humanities_Revision

Dear Students and Parents,

Please note that revision in IH has started in all the classes. Each Unit is revisited and doubts and concerns are resolved in Class. Students are also asked to write the questions from home and give the same for correction to their respective teacher to get timely feedback.

Tomorrow ( 05/04) , Mock Paper is going to be shared and students need to attempt it during weekend and discussion thereon will happen in next week.

In case of any concerns, please feel free to revert .

Thanks & Regards,

G9 IH Team.

AS/PS offerings 2019/2020

AS/PS offerings 2019/2020

Dear Parents,


As you are aware that Fountainhead School offers a variety of arts and sports segments for students to choose in Art and Design and Personal Sports slot, here is the time for the same. Students who wish to change their PS/ AS for the academic year 2019 – 2020 will have to fill the form mentioning their preference.The last date for filling up the form is 12th April, 2019.


In case you wish to continue with the same AS and PS, DO NOT fill the form. We are sending the form to confirm your child’s selection for the academic year 2019-20.

The form will be available at and the Nucleus Mobile app (through your parents login).


Kindly read the choices available for your child’s grade and then fill the form in consultation with your child. You can submit the form only once. If you want to make changes later or, you can email us at – however that will be possible only if there are seats available.


Points to keep in mind:-


  • Continuing with the same AS & PS is recommended in most cases so that the student gets time to build skills. However, if after discussion with the respective faculty and student, if you wish to change the AS / PS, please change your preference (Your current choice will already be marked in each of the form in the first preference selection.)
  • If you don’t fill the form, we will consider that student wants to continue with the current AS and PS option only.
  • In case there’s oversubscription (more interested students than seats available) then confirmation will be given in the following order:
  1. 1st preference will be given to students who were already doing this AS / PS and have paid    the AS amount by 20th April (for paid options).
  2. In the case of paid AS options, 2nd preference will be given to students who are new to this AS  and have paid the AS amount by 20th April.
  3. For all other cases, if there are more students who have paid as compared to the seats that we have; for e.g. if 10 students are interested, but we have 5 seats for students, then we will do a draw of lots.
    • Visual art is a paid option from the academic year 2019-20 considering the expense of resources used (paints, canvas, frames, exhibition setup costs).


  • AS fee for the paid option is: Gr.3 to 9 Rs. 10000/- Gr10 Rs. 7500/- Gr11-Rs. 5000/-  Gr.12-Rs. 2500/-
  • It is NOT mandatory for Grade 11 and 12 to choose any AS they have an option of either selecting AS from the given options (Cooking, Visual Art and Digital media) or can use the slot for playtime.


  • Where AS fee needs to be paid, it needs be done through Paytm by the June 30 2019 as it will not be included in tuition fee. If not paid by then, the student will not be allowed to attend AS.


The form will be available at and the Nucleus Mobile app (through your parents login).


For details of AS segments visit Art and Design


Art and Design activity Paid/Unpaid Grades
Guitar Paid 3 to 10
Dance Education Program (Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Street Jazz, Hip hop) Paid 3 to 10
Drums Paid 3 to 10
Keyboard Paid 3 to 10
Cooking Paid 5 to 12
Makers Paid 5 to 10
Trinity- Speech and Drama and Communication skills Paid 3 to 10
Visual Arts (Drawing/Craft) Paid 3 to 6
Visual Arts (Drawing/Craft) Paid 7 to 12
Dance (Indian and Western Folk dance/ hip-hop/ Bollywood) Unpaid 3 to 6
Dance: We have expanded Folk Dance offering to include Indian and international folk dances and some modern dance forms like Locking, popping, b-boying, contemporary, hip-hop, break-dance, krumping and fusion, Hand tutting & finger tutting, robot, lyrical hip hop Unpaid 7 to 10
Vocals (Light vocals: Indian and Western music) Unpaid 3 to 10
Drama Unpaid 3 to 10
Bharatnatyam Unpaid 3 to 6
Digital Media (photography and filmmaking) Unpaid 7 to 12
Kathak (Indian classical dance form) Unpaid 3 to 6


New AS offerings for academic year 2019-20



Trinity College London is an International Exam Board which gives a globally recognized certificate.

We shall be offering classes for preparation of Trinity Guildhall Examinations in Speech & Drama/ Communication Skills.  These sessions would play a vital role in exploring the child’s talent, nurturing the growth of creative expressions and developing self-confidence and performing abilities.

*Exams will be conducted twice a year and examination fees will be charged extra according to the level the student’s ability. For more detail check the below link.


From Grade 3 to 10
Dance (Indian and international Folk dance/ hip-hop/ Bollywood): We have expanded Folk Dance offering to include Indian and international folk dances and some modern dance forms like, Locking, popping, b-boying, contemporary, hip-hop, break-dance, krumping and fusion, Hand tutting & finger tutting, robot, lyrical hip hop From Grade 7 to 10
Kathak (Indian classical dance form) From Grade 3 to 6


Personal Sports (PS) Offering for the year 2019-2020:-


Activity Minimum Per Grade Maximum Per Grade Grade
Table Tennis 5 16 4 to 12
Taekwondo 5 15 2 to 10
Basketball 8 60 2 to 12
Gymnastics 5 20 2 to 9
Ultimate Frisbee 8 No Limit 4 to 12
Football 8 No Limit 2 to 12
Athletics and Sports Climbing (rock climbing) 5 12 2 to 8
Sports Climbing 5 12 9
Skating 5 35 2 to 8
Handball 8 20 4 to 10
Wilderness and Outdoor Adventure 5 5 10
Volleyball 8 15 11 & 12




Fountainhead School

Mosquito menace in school

Mosquito menace in school

Dear Parents,

March-April is the time when school experiences maximum mosquito infestation in the premises as it is surrounded by lush green farms filled with stagnated water on all sides and due to temperature increase. As a school, we take precautionary measures but we cannot eliminate the menace completely.

We request all parents to take precautionary steps given below to keep their child away from mosquitoes:

  • Apply mosquito repellent (Odomos) every morning.
  • Use other modes of repellents like patches and roll on

Precautionary measures taken by school:

  • Daily fogging in open areas in the morning
  • Spraying insecticides at regular intervals
  • No stagnant water in school premises

In spite of taking care of all the points mentioned above, there still can be cases of mosquito/ insect bite to children who have sensitive skin or due to allergic reaction.  

Submission of Locker Key

Submission of Locker Key

Dear Students,

The Academic Year 2018-2019 is about to end and your exam will begin from next month. So, you all are requested to clear your lockers and submit your locker key on the below-given date, time and venue. It is important to do this process now so that the students can be allocated the lockers at the beginning of the next academic year.

Date: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th April

Timings: 9:00 am to 10:30 am

Venue: Science Lab (Ray and Raman), Block 2 Second Floor

Responsible Person: Bharti Didi / Bhavana Didi.

Note: After 4th April no submission of locker key will be accepted.

On 5th April 2018, Rs. 750/- will be deducted from the imprest account of students who have not submitted the locker keys and we will change the lock of the lockers.


Fountainhead School.

Summative Assessment- Integrated Sciences

Summative Assessment- Integrated Sciences

Grade9 – All
Assessment given by:
Assessment Date: Wed Apr 03 2019 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Unit Name / Topic List: Unit Name: Predicting The Movement

Topic List:
-Velocity and Acceleration
-Distance/Displacement vs Time Graph
-Speed/Velocity vs Time Graph
-Acceleration vs Time Graph
-Newton’s Laws of Motion
-Air Drag

Assessment Criteria: Objective B: Inquiring and designing i. explain a problem or question to be tested by a scientific investigation ii. formulate a testable hypothesis and explain it using scientific reasoning iii. explain how to manipulate the variables, and explain how data will be collected iv. design scientific investigations. Objective C: Processing and evaluating i. present collected and transformed data ii. interpret data and explain results using scientific reasoning iii. evaluate the validity of a hypothesis based on the outcome of the scientific investigation iv. evaluate the validity of the method v. explain improvements or extensions to the method
Details: Section Wise Schedule:

Date- Criterion B & Criterion C respectively.


Duration: 80 minutes
Central Presentation Link: Click here to view

Integrated Sciences (Biology) – Summative Assessment syllabus and details

Integrated Sciences (Biology) – Summative Assessment syllabus and details

Dear Students,

Please note that your Summative assessment in Integrated Science Unit – A little Nervous and a little Pumped! will be conducted during IS slots from 3rd April to 8th April 2019.

Information regarding SA topics, objectives and tasks of the unit –A little Nervous and a little Pumped! is as follows:

Biology A little nervous and a little pumped! – Structure of neuron
– Types of neuron
– Action Potential
– Types of Nervous system – CNS and PNS
– Types of PNS – Autonomic and Somatic PNS
– Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous system
– Reflex Arc
– Interconnection between Nervous system and Circulatory system
– Flow of circulation
– Parts of the circulatory system
– Structure of heart
– Constituents of blood
– Technological advances used for the Circulatory system and Nervous system.
– Impacts of transplantation

Objective A: Knowing and understanding

i. explain scientific knowledge
ii. apply scientific knowledge and understanding to solve problems set in familiar and unfamiliar
iii. analyze and evaluate information to make scientifically supported judgments.

Objective D: Reflecting on the impacts of science

i. explain the ways in which science is applied and used to address a specific problem or issue
ii. discuss and evaluate the various implications of the use of science and its application in solving a
specific problem or issue
iii. apply scientific language effectively
iv. document the work of others and sources of information used.

Please find the details of SA dates for your section below:

Section SA date
Enigma 3/4/19, 4/4 19
Epiphany 4/4/19, 5/4/19
Eureka 4/4/19, 5/4/19
Fortuity 5/4/19
Revelation 3/4/19, 4/4/19, 5/4/19
Serendipity 5/4/19, 8/4/19