Recap of the day – 18th December, 2018

Recap of the day – 18th December, 2018

Day 1, Tuesday

Math: Students revised line graph.

Language: Formative assessment was conducted.

ICT: Students explored google drive. 


Math: The following data shows shoes sold by Reebok Company in different months. Plot a line graph to show the data recorded.

Month January February March April May June July
Shoes Sold 125 175 200 225 275 300 325

Language: The list of sensory words is provided to you. You need to write the meaning and make one sentence for each word assigned to you. You can present it through a booklet, poster or google slide.

Nucleus App Update – Diary

Nucleus App Update – Diary

Dear parent,

As informed in the 1st PTM , DIARY feature in Nucleus App is now available. As a pilot, this year we will be using this feature in 3 grades across PYP which are Sr.KG, Grade 2 and Grade 3. Henceforth, the parents of these 3 grades are requested to use Diary feature of Nucleus App to communicate with any of the teachers and not use the Daily Diary.

Apart from the app installed on cell phones/ Tablet/ Ipads; you can also use Nucleus feature on web interface by following the given steps:

    • Ensure that you’ve added the parent email ID given by school on the device you want to use.


  • On the web page simply write and you’ll be directed to log in page.


  • You need to log in through the  parent email ID.
  • Click on ‘‘Diary”.
  • Click on – Add user.
  • Search for the respective teacher and select the option ‘Start chat’.

Please note this medium is only for one to one communication between the teacher and the parent. For other communications, you may email your query to For transport related queries like transport routes, address change, etc. you can whats app on: 8980000451

You are requested to explore this feature on the App installed on your device or through web interface. As such this feature is quite user friendly and works similar to Whatsapp on our phones.

In case of further queries or issues related to Nucleus you may write to –

PS: The parents  who are yet to install this app are requested to do it right away.  Nucleus Fountainhead is the name of the app which is available on Android and iOS.


Nandini Aswani

Assistant PYP Coordinator.

Homework for 18th December, 2018

Homework for 18th December, 2018


Math: Solve the following in your Math Notebook:

Arrange the decimals in ascending order:
a) 6.02; 3.02; 5.02
b) 7.003; 7.3; 7.03
c) 0.9; 0.92; 0.09
d) 2.04; 2.4; 2.404
e) 0.13, 0.2, 0.357

Arrange the decimals in descending order:
a) 2.8; 2.08; 2.801
b) 0.3; 0.35; 0.305
c) 0.7; 0.72; 0.702
d) 0.404; 0.4; 0.44
e) 0.38; 0.308; 0.3

Math : Statistics

Math : Statistics

Grade8 – G8 Verve
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Wed Dec 19 2018 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: Yes
Details: Kindly check the H.W. details in Verve – Mathematics Google Classroom and complete the H.W. in your notebook.
Central Presentation Link: Click here to view
Expected Time: 15 minutes

Homework – 18/12/2018

Homework – 18/12/2018


Do the following tasks in your Math notebook:

Task 1: Solve the following sums :

a) 432 + 50  

b) 875 + 13

c) 281 + 117

d) 245 + 100

Task 2 : Solve the following word problems ( one is done for you):

Example : Divya went to the canteen and bought buttermilk worth ₹10 and sandwich worth  ₹35. How much did she pay in all?

                                                   T   O

Amount of sandwich          3   5

Amount of buttermilk  +  1   0

Total amount                       4  5            

Answer:  Divya paid ₹45.  

1) Meena bought a pencil box worth ₹105 and a pack of stickers worth  ₹70. How much money did she pay to the shopkeeper?

2) Ram went to the vegetable market and bought beetroot worth ₹75 and cabbage worth ₹40. Find the amount Ram paid to the shopkeeper?


Grade 1 Team